5 novels that will enlighten and ignite you – summer reads 2019

“I wondher why ye can always read a doctor’s bill an’ ye niver can read his purscription.”

– Finley Peter Dunne

With the days being long and light, the weather sunny and warm and my summer holidays around the corner, I am selecting novels to read during the relaxing weeks ahead. When you are keen on reading too, you will love my selection of summer reads.

In all 5 novels, a doctor plays some kind of role (hence the above quote ). And trust me, none of the novels has got the “doctor getting a relationship with the pretty nurse” theme. No, they are far more profound than that and still light enough reads for the summer holidays.

Light reads they may be, but they will certainly enlighten and ignite you! Read on to see which 5 novels are my 2019 summer selection for you (in random order).

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Lieske in the Louvre: tips how NOT to get lost in the Louvre and how to make most of the museum

“The Louvre is the book in which we learn to read”.

– Paul Cezanne

Why go to the Louvre? Good question!

According to the Smithsonian* it is one of the top 28 places in the world you need to go to before you die. I also read that the Mona Lisa has got the “honour” of being the number 1 on a list of the most “disappointing attractions” in Europe. Mmm, dilemma. To visit or not to visit…?

Since I have seen and really liked some of those disappointing attractions and since Lisa and I share more or less the same name, I felt I had to see her for real at least once in my life.

Not a really original idea, since 30.000 people a day (yes, you read that correctly: 30.000!) do the same and though not all of them are called Lisa or Lieske, they all want to see Lisa! Oh oh, and mini me had to make sure to see her too…

Interested in some solid tips for the museum and the story of my visit (which includes armpits and pop concert-like scenes)? Well…keep on reading!

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10 things NOT to do in Paris

Dress (new) & Bag: H&M, Vest: Esprit, Shoes: Vans, Sunnies: Vögele Shoes 

“A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.”

– Thomas Jefferson

After a romantic city break to Venice with my husband a few weeks back, I spent the Whitsun weekend in Paris with one of my female friends from Holland. Paris being a city we both love and located somewhere between our homes, we thought it the perfect place for a girls’ weekend away. Apart from talking and laughing a lot, we did quite some sightseeing too.

I have decided not to list the standard sights for you, but to tell you what not to do in Paris, offering great alternatives as well of course.

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The reward of resilience: 3 impressive and inspiring stories of 3 wonderful women

Skirt: H&M, Top: Yes or No, Shoes: Vans, Sunglasses (new): Cerjo

On the 11th of the 11ht at 11 hours it will be a century ago that WWI ended. This summer we visited Verdun, one of the most notorious battlefields. We walked through a beautiful and peaceful forest, which once was a terrible battlefield full of mud, explosives and hungry, wounded and dead soldiers. It was an eery feeling, knowing that in the grounds of this fairy-tale forest lay the remains of 80.000 soldiers…

I got the feeling that in this horrible war, few soldiers had the chance to decide whether they were going to be a victim or a winning warrior. They just had to fight.

In our daily lives we fortunately often have the choice: to fight or to give in, to give up. Two months ago a friend of mine posted an article on linkedin about the reward of resilience. It is so impressive and inspiring that I want to share her story here, along with a few others, to show you the power of persistence, the reward of resilience and that we, fortunately, have a choice: do we want to be a victim or a winning warrior?!

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Majestic Metz

One of the finest views on Metz Cathedral is from this pedestrian bridge 

Most Dutch people will know Metz from the signs on the so-called “Route du Soleil”, a motorway taken by many to enjoy the summer holidays in the south of France. I have spent many holidays in France and never before visited this gem of a city. Until now that is! This summer we have travelled in a few days from Switzerland to Holland, taking time to explore cities and sights we normally just pass. Metz was one of our stops and absolutely worth it, as my little photo diary will show you.

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Petit weekend away in the awesome Alsace

Living so central in Europe means it is very easy to find destinations for a short weekend break. The Alsace, known for its white wine, fine food and picturesque villages is more or less around the corner from where I live. We can easily go for a mini break there…and that’s exactly what we have done. At least, I consider 24 hours in the Alsace as a real mini break. We started in Riquewihr, I think the most charming village ever! If you’d like to get a good impression of this village in summer and winter plus a taste of its many restaurants, frequented by both tourists and locals, click here!

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