Meet Me


Welcome to my personal blog. I am Lieske, Dutch, petite, 40+, happily married, the mother of three fantastic teenagers and a teacher of foreign languages in beautiful Switzerland.

I love teaching and I love challenges, which is a great asset for a teacher and for living and working abroad.

After having taught the same subjects for some years now, I felt ready for an additional challenge. I’ve also noticed that many of my friends are, like me, looking for changes in their lives. It might be our age; being in your forties makes you very much aware that time is precious and limited and that you should make the most out of it. This all has led to the idea of starting this blog. I want to inspire women to apply small changes in their lives, as small changes can create huge effects, be it in teaching, communication, fashion or life.

Enjoy reading my blog, get inspired, apply some changes and enjoy the rewarding results.



Oh, and when you want to read even more, you can follow me on Quora, a platform that I use to help others with questions regarding the use of English. I also regularly answer questions about themes you can find on the blog too, such as fashion ideas, ways to improve your communication, travel tips and how to apply small changes that can add to your happiness and personal growth. I have got over 150K views on Quora.