Tips how to celebrate Easter at home: facile, fun & festive! What more do you want?

“An egg is always an adventure; the next one may be different.”

– Oscar Wilde

I don’t know how it is for you, but my Easter weekend will be very different this year. It is tradition for us to travel to Holland (we live in Switzerland) and have a long weekend full of brunches, lunches and dinners with loads and loads of family and friends.

This year the long weekend will be with…just our nuclear family. That means I had to rethink how to make this Easter weekend a fun and festive one too.

Read on for some simple and small gestures that will lead to a fun and festive mood and will make this Easter weekend a positive and memorable one too.

1. Decorate your house

Fill your house with spring and easter decorations and the festive mood will come easily too!

My daughter and I loved decorating the house for Easter for a change. The yellow colour is such a warm, cheerful, happy and sunny colour that it automatically creates enthusiasm and optimism, which we can all use at the moment, can’t we?!

2. Do an egg hunt

One of the first things my teenagers asked when they realised we were staying at home for Easter was if we could organise an egg hunt. I did not know what I heard at first, but hey, why not? When there are so many things you cannot do, let’s focus on the fun things we can do. An egg hunt can even been done inside your house (or virtually), so this is an easy and yummy one to organise for all of us.

3. Dress up!

After many weeks of strict or moderate quarantine, you may have gotten used to a certain comfortable look (although for a good work-life balance you should not dress too comfy all the time).

Time to change that ladies! Put on something festive. Why not buy something new from a local store to support small businesses in these hard times? Another option is to pull out one of your existing festive and favourite outfits in support of sustainability. Make sure it is festive, because you feel the way you dress and it is a party mood 🎉 we are looking for!

Yellow is festive and with summerly temperatures, this might well be my choice for Easter.

4. Get cooking & baking

If you are a fan of cooking and/or baking you will have looked up delicious recipes already (and probably done all the shopping as well). When you are not a very enthusiastic cook,  you may be happy with these fast and fabulous ideas:

  • Make a caprese salad (just slice some tomatoes and mozzarella, add a bit of basil and some olive oil plus salt & pepper – that’s it) and put it on a plate in the form of an Easter Bunny (use balsamic sauce to add the bunny’s whiskers).
  • You can also make an Easter Bunny using salmon, avocado, a bit of mozzarella and some dill.
  • And how about this idea for your brunch?

clean eating, osterrezept, osterhase, hase, kinderrezept

You can find many more fabulous ideas to cook with kids on the website of fit & glücklich. The site is in German, but the recipes are so easy that you can work out what to do by just looking at the pictures. Great for mums with smaller kids and for all who are looking for something festive and facile to make for an Easter brunch!

  • One more idea: How about slicing veggies for a dip? I am thinking cucumber, carrots, bell peppers and the like plus of course a delicious dip – homemade or bought. When you have sliced all the veggies, just put  everything on a plate in the form of a giant egg.

All super simple and highly decorative ideas!

5. Meet family and friends virtually

Even when we cannot meet our loved ones IRL, we can at least organise that second-best option, so please arrange some video calls. Your festive brunch might be a good moment to do so. You can also have an afternoon tea with some chocolate eggs together or hide some chocolate eggs and invite family or friends for a virtual egg hunt. It’s so important to stay in touch and I am sure you can find your perfect moment to so during this long weekend.

6. Watch an Easter film

How about curling up on the sofa in the evening and watch a feel-good film with a spring or Easter twist? Here is a list to choose from: 25 Easter films!

I hope these 6 tips help you to create an Easter that is fun & festive and “facile” for you!

Happy Easter!








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  1. We are having cheese fondue,Sunday, and I am hoping we can dat outside! I will put on a beautiful dress! I wish you a good Easter weekend from the Netherlands!

    1. Cheese fondue is a fabulous idea. It is what the Dutch would say a very “gezellig” way to spend time together. I am sure you can enjoy it outside with these weather forecasts. Why not start your day with a brunch and have an early dinner? That way the chances to have dinner outside are even bigger. Wishing you a wonderful weekend with lots of chocolate too (I have become addicted to these two Swiss specialties – cheese & chocolate)! Love, Lieske

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