Wearing your “wrong” colours – how to do it

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.”

-Wassily Kandinsky


Can you wear “wrong” colours and get away with it?

Let me rephrase that.

Can you wear “wrong” colours and look fabulous in them?

Yes, you can!

Read on to find out how to wear your unflattering colours and look good while doing so!

Why my outfit works, despite the “wrong” colours

I am sure many of you can identify with the following: you like certain colours, but somehow they do not work for you in outfits the way you want them to🤔 And then you see this drop dead gorgeous item (the skirt on the photos in my case) in these “wrong” colours and you simply want to buy it, despite knowing it may not be that flattering on you…

One solution for wearing clothes that are not in your colour scheme is combining them with clothes that are 100% right for you. For me off-white is one of my 100% right colours, so that’s why this skirt in tones of brown, beige and dark green (very unflattering colours for me) works well for me thanks to the warm white fluffy vest.

I was so happily surprised how super stylish I look in this outfit, that I was sure I had done more right than I unconsciously was aware of. That’s why I did some research to find out how you can wear “wrong” colours and look fabulous in them. Below I share some tips with you.

Tips how to wear your “wrong” colours

Here are some tips from professionals how to wear your “wrong” colours and get away with it. Well, more than that actually: how to wear your “wrong” colours and look fabulous in them!!!

I have also checked which of these tips I have unknowingly used in my own outfit, looking for an explanation why I look so super stylish in it😉.

1. Keep the unflattering colour as far away as possible from your face. So opt for shoes, a skirt, trousers or a belt in that wrong colour (and not a jumper, shirt, dress or scarf for example). ✔️

2. Add a flattering thing in the right colour. Best is to put the flattering colour between you and the “wrong” colour, like a fluffy vest in a colour that suits you very well. Other options are earrings, scarfs or a hat. Make sure the colours (the “wrong” one and flattering one) work well together.✔️

3. Minimise the wrong colour. If you want to wear a wrong colour per se, like I did, try to minimise it. So opt for assecoiries in the colour in stead of wearing trousers, a skirt or dress in the unflattering colour.❌

4. Opt for a lower neckline. When you wear a top or dress in your “wrong” colour, a lower neckline keeps that colour further away from your face (see also point 1).

5. Soften it up. Wearing the “wrong” colour can quickly have a harsh effect. Softening up your appearance will do wonders. Think about wearing your hair loose or choosing soft fabrics.✔️

6. Play with the pattern. When the wrong colour is part of a pattern, see to it that the dominant colours are good ones for you and the “wrong” one merely an accent. ✔️ That way you can even wear the “wrong” colour close to your face.

I think you can see for yourself why the “wrong” colours in the skirt work well for me: I wear them far away from my face, the white (a flattering colour for me) is dominant in the pattern, because it is the brightest colour of all and it is enforced by the white volants of my top and the white of my fluffy vest (2 items that soften up the outfit). All in all I can tick 4 of the 6 boxes and one does not apply. Quite a good score I think 🙂

Enjoy experimenting with your “wrong” colours and have a colourful and wonderful weekend!

Thank you very much for reading and looking forward to seeing you again soon. I share my tips how to visit New York on a budget with you next week.



Outfit details: H&M (top, vest and skirt)

Links for websites with some more useful tips:

  • When you are uncertain which colours work well for you and which ones don’t, this website may get you into the right direction: restartyourstyle
  • On the insideoutstyleblog you can find out how make-up can help you when you are wearing unflattering colours.
  • Many of the tips in this blogpost come from 40+ style. They also shine their light on make-up and hair and how they can compensate unflattering colours, so check it out for more info!
  • On the website youlookfab readers share their tips and tricks for wearing the wrong colours.




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  1. Ah there is that gorgeous skirt! And what a great styling! I love all the different textures you have used! Are the skies that blue at the moment at your place? Do you notice in Zwitserland that climate is changing? Over here we have had 2 of 3 nights with light Frist,nothing more. It s weird. Happy weekend Lieske!

    1. Hey Nancy. Thanks for the compliments. I am extremely happy with how this outfit works out for me (but you have probably read that already in the blogpost). The fluffy vest is from the children’s department and is just such a versatile and comfy find. I wear it a lot. As for the skies: yeah, very blue. As for the temperature: yeah, very warm. Bad for snowshoeing, good for a happy mood though! Have a very happy weekend too. Love, Lieske

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