7 top tricks to hide your Xmas extras with the right clothes

“Thou shouldst eat to live, not live to eat.”

– Cicero

I hope you have enjoyed lots of Xmas festivities and gatherings in the last few weeks. When you have done so (good for you!), you may have ended up with a bit more belly than before…..Time to do something about that!

The best things to do are:

1: (re)start a healthy diet

2: exercise on a regular basis.

Though these are the way to do it long-term, you may want to have short-term results. Well, that doesn’t work I’m afraid. What does work is hiding these Xmas extras by wearing the right type of clothes.

Below you find  some tricks how to do so.

1. Elastic waistbands

Dresses with an elastic waistband have got many advantages. They are comfortable to wear, flexible in the waist (now we’re talking) and on top of all that they accentuate your waist but hide your belly. Seriously, you look just as slim wearing these kind of dresses with as without those Xmas extras.

More photos of the polka dots dress here and of the wild animal print one here.

2. Straight dresses

Short, straight dresses are great to hide a bit of Xmas extras when they are loose or wide enough, like the ones below.

More photos of the tartan dress here and of the pied the poule one here.

3. High waist, wide skirt

A dress with a high waist and a wide skirt is perfect for accentuating your waist. The wide skirt covers that extra belly you may have, so you may wonder…where are these Xmas extras ? It works equally well with a high waisted wide skirt.

More photos of the burgundy dress here and of the palm tree skirt here.

4. Use a jumper to hide the extras

Combining a skirt with a jumper is a quick fix too, especially when the jumper is wide, like this winter sweater. Both skirts on the photos below have got an elastic waistband, so they are not only classy, but also very comfortable.

More photos of the black & white skirt here and of the grey one here.

When you are not a dress or skirt type, I may have convinced you to buy one or two after seeing these photos and reading my praise. All the dresses and skirts are not only stylish and good at hiding your belly, they are also very comfortable to wear and cycling-friendly (a convincing argument for my Dutch readers). When you are more the trousers type, use the jumper trick described above and/or some of the following tricks!

5. Top over your trousers

Though you see more and more photos of bloggers wearing their tops (partly) in their trousers (to make their legs look longer), wearing them over your trousers does wonders for hiding your belly. When doing this, I always would wear a great necklace or scarf, since they will attract the eye (like the lace details below do too) and thus guide the eye away from the belly. For petites it does have the additional bonus of guiding the eyes upwards, making you look taller👍

6. Long cardigans and blazers

Especially viewed from the side, they hide your belly pretty well. In winter (and aren’t we just in the middle of that lovely season) they are welcome for their warmth too.

7. Highlight something else

Use accessories wisely to highlight something else and thus distract the eye from the belly. Think about what you like to show and show it! It may be your lovely legs, your awesome ankles, your sexy shoulders or nice neckline. It pays off double: you draw the attention away from your Xmas extras and you get the attention where you want it to be! The outfit below kind of does everything: the top over the trousers, a long blazer (with vertical stripes, another trick to appear slimmer), stretch trousers to accentuate my slim ankles, a lovely neckline and necklace.

Thanks for reading and please share your own tips & tricks in the comment section below.

Have an awesome New Year’s Eve and an even better 2020, full of health and happiness!



Useful links:

Sylvia of 40+ style has collected 11 different ways to hide your belly.

Another website that offers great tips is the one from stylecraze.

And wikihow also has got some solid tips here.






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  1. You know how to wear a dress! Perfect lenght for you, those skirts too! I ordered a new Tulle skirt as my old one had holes. And sized it up. It felt so much better! I love these days ,but I am also glad when we get in our ,,normall,, eat drink and work out regime again!

    1. Thanks for the compliments Nancy. Have you already posted a photo of your new Tulle skirt? As for the “back to normal”…I like that too, though I am still fully enjoying these special days! Love, Lieske

  2. You have some very stylish outfits and great advice! I find post-Christmas dressing easy as I have so many elastic waist pieces in my wardrobe, haha! I fell in love with elasticated everything in pregnancy and it’s hung around!

    Hope you had a merry Christmas 🙂 We had a great time with family and so much good food!

    1. Thanks for the compliments Mica. I can imagine you fell in love with elastic waistbands while pregnant…so practical and comfy🙂 We had a great time with family and good food too. Have an equally awesome NYE and a happy 2020! Love, Lieske

  3. Hi Lieske!
    Happy New Year!

    I love your style tips. There are some outfits that I would include in my wardrobe, especially to hide some of my extra kilos after Christmas and not only :)) !!!

    The dress with the elastic waistbands dress, top over the trousers, long cardigans and blazers and highlight something else… those are my choices for what I should wear after holidays, besides eating healthy and exercise on a regular basis. 🙂

    I hope 2020 will be awesome for you!


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