6 things to consider so you can find the best sweater dress for you!

“It’s not about the dress you wear, but it’s about the life you lead in the dress.”

– Diana Vreeland

In autumn we tend to lead a life that is all about cosiness. That’s why a sweater dress is fabulous for fall: simple, stylish, soft and….cosy!!!

Read on to find out which 6 things to consider when hunting for the best one for you this autumn/winter season.

How to find the best sweater dress for you

There are so many sweater dresses available, that it is wise to think about what kind of dress you want before hitting the shops. I have recently read that Black Friday is actually a black day for the environment since we tend to buy stuff we do not really need, simply because it is so cheap. In order to avoid that from happening when sweater dress hunting, a few considerations to help you find out what kind of sweater dress you are actually looking for.

A homey sweater dress?

When you are tall, you can opt for an oversized one, giving you a very comfortable homey feeling. Petites among you may have to refrain from these, since you can easily look lost wearing them. That homey feeling comes with soft materials too, which petites among you can certainly find. A soft and not too figure-hugging one already gives a really cosy feeling and that is a style that everyone can wear.

An extra warm sweater dress?

When you hate the cold in winter, go for an extra warm sweater dress. It can be the material you choose. A turtleneck one is a great option too, since it will keep your neck lovely warm (good for the teachers among you, it protects your asset, your voice).

Another option would be to go for a long sweater dress to keep your legs warm. That works even double when worn with boots.

A sexy sweater dress?

When you want your sweater dress to be a bit more sexy, you may want to consider a figure hugging one. To add an extra sexy element, find one with a thigh slit. Ohlala!! This works very well with long and midi dresses.

A super short sweater dress?

When you like wearing knee-length or over-the-knee boots, you may consider buying a mini sweater dress and wear it with your boots for a look that really rocks. The warmth and comfy factor may get a bit lost with this look, but hey, you can’t have it all!

A sporty sweater dress?

When you are into sporty style, you should look for a sweater dress with a hoody and big handwarming pockets at the front. These pockets do not only keep your hands warm, they also hide your belly pretty well, which may be very useful after Xmas with all its festivities and food 🙂

A versatile sweater dress?

When you want to make most of your sweater dress, look in your closet what kind of cardigans and blazers you already have and keep these in mind when hunting for that super sweater dress. You can make the one you buy so much more versatile by adding layers over or under it.

Mine can be worn with or without a jumper under it. It goes well with and without a necklace or scarf. I can wear it with sneakers, high heels or knee-length boots.

It is long enough to make me feel comfortable in class and short enough for my length. It is soft, simply and stylish. My mission is accomplished. How about yours?



More inspirational photos and info needed to find your perfect sweater dress?

Since I can only show you my style of sweater dress and you may have got a different style, you probably want to have a look at other styles too, like the longer ones, the chunky ones, the sexy ones or super short ones. Click here for lots of inspirational photos and info: Best Sweater Dresses Fall 2019

Outfit details:

Dress, this season: Only (it also comes in a love grey-pink colour combination), Sneakers: Ecco (this summer), Necklace: Shoeby, Jumper: H&M (both very old items).

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  1. That’s a great look! Great sneakers too! I always love to wear dresses,summer of winter. That also looks like a very beautiful place where you are standing. I can imagine all the ducks and swans there in spring! Have a fantastic weekend dear Lieske!

    1. Thanks so much Nancy. I am happy with that cosy dress and also very happy with these sneakers. They are children’s ones, but don’t look like it and they go so well with trousers, dresses and skirts. I love them! The spot is idyllic indeed and swans, ducks and the like can be found there in abundance. Have a great weekend too. Have you got a lot of “pepernoten” to enjoy after yesterday’s festivities? Love, Lieske

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