A neutral comfortable and cosy weekend outfit

“October is a symphony of permanence and change.”

– Bonaro W. Overstreet

I know that we are already in November, but these photos were shot in October and just fit the above quote perfectly. My comfortable and cosy weekend outfit displays both permanence and change. Do you have outfits like that too? They are so good that you wear them again and again (the permanence factor) and they are so versatile that your look changes depending on the way you style them?


My  white blouse-sweater is a permanent item in my wardrobe. I have had it for so many years now, that I can’t even tell you how many (here’s the tick in the box for permanence). It goes well with lots of trousers and can be combined with many different scarfs, shoes and bags, so I can create an abundance of outfits with it (here’s the tick in the box for change).

The trousers are maybe even older than the blouse-sweater. I can’t tell really…


When I change the blouse-sweater for a warm winter jumper and the shoes for even warmer winter ones, I create another neutral comfortable and cosy weekend outfit, one that really looks (and feels) different.

And how about this slightly fancier outfit with the same trousers? (a big thank you to the lovely pearl necklace that makes all the difference)

Just by changing the top I can easily swap from autumn to summer, keeping the casual chic style going with help of the same pearl necklace and some comfortable high heels. Shoes can make such a difference in outfits. (for more inspiration, have a look at my shoes blogpost).

By adding a large and warm scarf and swapping white for dark blue, the looks changes again.

A symphony of permanence and change

Looking at the above photos, I realise these are all symphonies of permanence and change, thanks to the old caramel coloured trousers. Adding different items takes care of the change factor and to be honest, most of these items are (very) old too.

So this whole blogpost is not just a symphony of permanence of change, but also a salute to sustainability. I am sure many of you will have outfits like this too: beautiful symphonies of permanence and change with that big bonus of being sustainable as well.

What kind of outfit is your favourite symphony of permanence and change?

Thanks, as always, for visiting my blog and enjoy a cosy and comfortable weekend, wherever you are!



Outfits details:

Scarfs & bags: (unknown), Trousers, white fluffy cardigan and warm winter jumper: H&M, Blouse-sweater and dark blue sweater: Tally Weijl, Shoes: Piure (the caramel ones) and unknown (the white pumps and fake fur ones).

Everything if from previous seasons!



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  1. Those are very versatile looks! The fun thing is that if you had nog mention it, the fact that you wear the same trousers wouldn t even had been noticed! Because you wear such different styles! Very nice! I love that fluffy cardigan/jacket! And that blouse sweater is something I always liked!

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