A jumper with yellow stripes, because yellow radiates warmth, cheerfulness and more

“Yellow is capable of charming God.”

– Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh is not the only one recognising the power of yellow. When you read the following extract from the website bourncreative  you will understand why having yellow in your outfits is a good idea; the colour is quite powerful indeed!

Studies show that the meaning of the color yellow can be warmth and cheerfulness. The color yellow also helps activate the memory, encourage communication, enhance vision and build confidence.

I don’t know exactly which studies are referred to, but I like what I read there. Isn’t it great to radiate and stimulate all the above? Being a teacher and a mum I thought this was reason enough to go for a new jumper with warm yellow stripes, perfect for autumn and positively powerful too.

I have collected some photos, full of shades of yellow for you this week. Have a look and, by all means, have a look at your own outfits too and decide if you have got enough shades of yellow or if it’s time to hit the shops this weekend!

Pops of yellow in this summer blouse with a bright yellow bag to add some extra sunshine to this outfit. More photos of this sunny and stylish outfit here.

The same blouse functions well in winter too, with a warm T-shirt under it and an even warmer cardigan over it. I love wearing yellow on dark winter days. More photos of this misty morning and sunny outfit here. Have you noticed that even my sturdy shoes have got a pop of yellow?

I wear the same cardigan in autumn and spring as a kind of jacket, like shown below and in one of last year’s autumn blog posts.

Don’t you just love how the big blue grapes complement the outfit? Talking about grapes, have you already read my grapes story? It’s a story about being stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.

Subtle pops of soft yellow in this T-shirt.

Even without the jeans jacket and with my bright yellow bag, you can see on the photo below that the pops of yellow stay super subtle. I think that goes for the effects of the colour as well. I am sure that the warmth and cheerfulness are often perceived unconsciously and that will be even more so for the effect on activating the memory, encouraging communication, enhancing vision and building confidence. Even when the positive effects are only subtle ones or small ones, I think I like what the colour yellow does for the one wearing it and the ones seeing it. How do you feel about this?

Thanks for visiting my blog and wishing you a warm weekend, full of cheer and charm!




PS: My new jumper is from H&M

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    1. Looking forward to seeing your sweater Nancy. Yeah, nature is very relaxing indeed. Something many of us need/appreciate, being as busy as most of us are. I am lucky to live in a country where nature is around my corner in abundance. Have a relaxing weekend! Love, Lieske

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