How I was stubborn about my goals, and flexible about my methods on a city trip to New York City.

“Be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods.”


In one of my previous blogposts I have already hinted at my trip to NYC. Can you imagine my stress when one week before the trip I sprained my ankle while taking one of the beautiful photos of “petite” Alaska in Switzerland?! I was wondering how much I could actually do and see in NYC…

Like so often, a story popped up and I’d like to share it with you this week. It’s the story of Diederik, who owns a vineyard on the shores of Lake Zurich, and it’s about the way he has dealt with disastrous weather conditions for winemakers.

Continue your read to find out what the link with my NYC trip is and what a great learning this story offers all of us. 

Diederik’s story

I do not remember exactly what year it was, but winter was coming full force in Switzerland a few years back. Because of this too long, too cold and too frosty winter a huge part of the grapes of Diederik’s vineyards was useless. He could literally throw them away. No grapes – No wine is what you would think. Not so for Diederik.

Instead of letting this frosty winter defeat him, Diederik took action. He contacted colleagues in Italy, bought grapes from them, transported these to Switzerland and created a completely new and very tasty wine. He even came up with the best possible name for his new wine, a name that says it all: “Plan B”. It was a huge success.

Method changed, goal reached!

The learning

Like Diederik did, we should all do. If we encounter set-backs, let’s not be defeated but let’s go for Plan B to reach whatever goals we set. Or, to put it differently: be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods!

From grapes to the big apple. With a far from recovered ankle I went to NYC. I put on a brace and simply adapted my programme.

Fortunately we had booked a hotel close to an underground station, which was very practical, since we made use of the underground far more than originally planned. We also drank far more coffee with chocolate chip cookies than originally planned and took many more breaks than the average 80+ visitor of NYC does (so I assume).

Thanks to the nearby underground station, a given list with “must visit” rooftop bars (we visited all of them),  a golden tip for a gospel choir (which meant 2 hours rest for my ankle while everyone around me was singing and swinging), some last minute tickets for a musical and the fact that NYC is surrounded by water and a boat tour in sunny weather is simply great, I could still see lots of the city in a more or less ankle-friendly way.

Method changed, goal reached!

In what way have you changed a method to reach your goal? I would love reading some inspiring stories in the comments section below.

As always, thanks for reading and till next week!



Travel tips and useful links:

  • The roof top bars we visited were The View (360° view, very fast and fascinating lifts and close to Times Square), 23o fifth (XXL with a beautiful view on the Empire State Building) and The Standard (almost at the end of High Line – even the toilets are worth a visit there).
  • The famous gospel choir we enjoyed was the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.
  • We bought our last minute musical tickets via TKTS.
  • Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises offers several boat tours that differ in length and price.
  • We have made extensive use of a 7-day metro card.


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  1. Ha what a good story, especially the name of the wine. I don’t mean you’re ankle of course. But I’m glad you got to see a lot! You know how I had to change things in my life! Happy weekend!

    1. Dear Nancy. I am sure you are a specialist in keeping your goals in focus and being flexible about how to reach them. I am sure you may have adapted some of your goals too. Sometimes that is just the way life is. I am very happy to read again and again about everything you do and enjoy! You are an inspirational woman! Love, Lieske

    1. Dear Alison. I also think NYC is quite addicting. The buzz, the buildings, the musea, the shows, the people…everything is worth coming back for. I hope you will get the chance to do so in the near future. Love, Lieske

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