“Into the wild” and what we can learn from that film

“Happiness is Only Real When Shared.”

-Chris McCandless

As you can see on the photos in this blogpost, Switzerland, despite being so organised and clean, can look pretty wild too.

When we went for a walk in Graubünden’s National Park a few weeks back, I felt like really going “into the wild”. Look at these impressive mountains with that first touch of snow on the top. Can you imagine how I felt, walking on a trail amidst these mountains and lots of trees, crossing wild waters (OK, over bridges, but still…) and even spotting some deer and other game. The film “Into the Wild” spontaneously popped up in my head and I turned to my husband to tell him so. In that instant the famous sentence “happiness is only real when shared” got its extra dimension for me.

It’s so true. No matter how happy you are, you are happier when you can share your happiness with others, building up memories together. That is also one of the pains of losing loved ones: shared happy moments can no longer be shared.

The story

(this includes spoilers!)

The film is based on the true story of  a young man, called Chris McCandless, who has a promising future ahead of him, but is highly disappointed in his parents. So much, that he decides to abandon his ordinary life, to leave the easy path and to take a different turn in life. Quite the adventurous type, he sets off on a journey of self-discovery into the wilderness of rough Alaska.

“petite” Alaska on the Klausenpass in Switzerland, another happy moment I could share with my husband

Chris finds an abandoned bus in the middle of this wilderness and spends two months reading, exploring and living off the land, eating plants and herbs and hunting game. We share in his struggles and successes as viewers, but he has no one to share either with.

When he realises he misses human contact and wants to return to civilisation, the river he has crossed before is now so wild that that is no option. He needs to stay where he is: isolated and lonely. When you think this is a bad situation to be in, it gets even worse. Chris eats the wrong berries and gets ill. When he finds out his mistake, he knows he is going to die alone in abandoned Alaska. It is in this final stage of his life that Chris realises how much you need other people to be happy, that you need to share your happiness in order for it to be real.

The lesson

The lesson of his life is clear: Share your happiness. Surround yourself with people to build up memories with. That does not mean you can never do anything alone. We have met many solo travellers on our Balkan tour for example. Well, that already says it all, right? We met them, so they met us! We shared moments, experiences, jokes, stories and food. All that sharing makes the joy of the moment larger and the memories last longer.

When this already happens with relative strangers, imagine how much more it will affect your life with the people close to you. So, embrace your friends and family and share your happy moments with them!

Thanks for reading and wishing you a happy weekend and people around you to share your happiness with.



Travel tips and useful links:

  • For more information about the walk in the National Park of Graubünden: click here. Make sure to bring your binoculars, so you can not only spot, but really observe the abundant game in that beautiful valley.
  • Like always, you can easily get to the starting point of the walk by public transport. Check out the sbb website to find out how to get to S-chanf, where the walk start. When you drive by car, you can shorten the walk by parking your car at Prasüras (you also avoid walking part of the hike on asphalt that way).
  • Food and drink-wise I can recommend mountain restaurant Varusch, which is nearly at the end (or start) of the walk. For those of you cannot walk well or are with company who cannot walk well, there is the option of a small touristic train (info in German) from S-chanf to this mountain restaurant. From its terrace you have got a beautiful view into the valley.
  • For more information about the walk to the Glacier Lake (which is what you see on the photos as “petite” Alaska) on the Klausenpass, click here.
  • The Klausenpass can also be well reached by public transport.


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  1. Wow what a fabulous and amazing photos! Nature is so impressive! But its true, we need people,loved ones, to share our memories with! Gerben and I often being back memories of our beloved England! Have a good ,and rememmorable, weekend!

    1. Dear Nancy. I am sure you have got many memories of good old England to share with Gerben and don’t these make the events even more beautiful? Wishing you a very good weekend too. As my autumn break is almost over, I will use it to prepare for school. My break was full of travels and seeing lots of friends and family. Many memorable moments to cherish. Love, Lieske

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