Saying goodbye for the summer season, but… I’ll be back!

“We only part to meet again.”

–¬†John Gay

Living abroad and having both parents and children who have reached a certain age, saying goodbye and letting go is part of my life. Much more so than 20 years ago, when I started welcoming my children into the world and when having parents around was ever so normal.

Saying goodbye to my children because they leave the nest to travel or study is easy and effortless. They embark on a new journey full of adventure and action.

Saying goodbye to parents, because their journey has come to an end is equally natural yet so much harder.

In this blogpost I am also saying goodbye to you, but only for the summer. I’m taking a short break from blogging. As a teacher I’ve got a timetable to stick to and as a blogger I have created another one myself (as my regular readers know, I always post on Fridays 07:00 sharp). I have decided that it will do me good to be totally out of my routine for a few weeks.

Time to be timeless.

Ready to relax.

Doing some digital detoxing.

And the good news is that I’ll be back, full of fresh ideas, on Friday the 9th of August. Looking forward to seeing you again then!

And when you are in need of something to read: there are over 100 blogposts to choose fromūüėė¬†and two of them cover tips and ideas for summer reads (3 reading tips here and 5 more reading tips here).

There is also a blogpost with tips for happy summer days (at home or on vacation) and one about small things that make you happy while travelling.

Thank you, as always, for reading and looking forward to seeing you again after a relaxing and sunny summer!



Photos taken on Fuerteventura (boats on the beach & the flip-flops), in Milan (the cemetery), in Paris (pont Alexandre) and close to my home at Lake Zurich (the polka-dots-dress)


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    1. Hey Nancy. I am back and had the best of times. In time I will share many of my experiences and memories on the blog. Hope you have had a great summer time so far too! Love, Lieske

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