Blogpost 100! Missed some of these 100? Here is an inspiring top 5 for you!

Skirt: Esprit, Top: Tally Weijl, Bag: H&M, Sunnies: Vögele (all previous seasons)

“Time and reflection change the sight little by little ’till we come to understand.”

– Paul Cezanne

Time flies as we all know. My statistics have shown me that today’s blogpost is number 100! Hard to believe that I have written 100 blogposts in 2 years. It was a good reason to look through some old ones and I love seeing how my blog has developed during this period and also how creative yet consistent I have been.

What I have learned, my personal top 5 blogposts

To celebrate 100 blogposts I have challenged myself to pick out 5 blogposts that have brought you, my dear readers, and me something special.

So here they are, 5 blogposts, each of them bringing something valuable.

My first blogpost

It took me 2 years to gather the courage to really start blogging, so I am very proud of my first blogpost ever. It was the start of a wonderful adventure. I often encourage you to step out of your comfort zone too. In my experience, that is often a small step towards a rewarding result. Starting this blog is the ultimate example for me!

My blogging has lead to an improvement of my writing skills, a better understanding of my passions in life, a better knowledge of many different subjects (such as art, communication, holiday destinations, use of language and myself), a more creative view in general and a better knowledge of what I like fashion-wise and why. It has also provided me with lots of new contacts and has given my self-confidence a boost, since I receive so many positive (personal) reactions on my blogposts. They go from thank you notes for travel tips and restaurant reviews to compliments about my outfits and even (these are the ones that make me most happy) messages to tell me that one of my blogposts was the trigger for a positive change in readers’ lives.

What (small) step do you want to take and what keeps you from doing so? Why don’t you reflect for a moment, refine that step and then…just do it!

My London inspired blogpost

This was the first “different” blogpost. Inspiration just hit me in London, seeing so much red around me. I realised that “seeing red” was something else in London than expressed in its original form.

It was the first time I experienced that blogging has given me an eye for details I would have missed before. Many of my real life friends often wonder how I come up with new blogging ideas every week. Well, inspiration just hit me because I want to get inspired. I unconsciously look at the world around me through different glasses (and I do not mean my reading glasses…) thanks to my blogging, which is very inspiring and rewarding!

I can only encourage you to do the same. Start looking around you in a different way. You do not have to start blogging, but  look around you for inspiration to share with others. We can often make a much better use of our senses than we do! Get inspired by the world around you and inspire the world around you.

My thankfulness blogpost

This blogpost has brought me and many of my readers something very, very life-changing: the positive power of thankfulness.

Thanks to one of my readers, who reacted on this blogpost, I have bought a thankfulness diary. That diary has created an enormous positive boost in my life and in the life of people around me. Many readers and friends have started writing in their thankfulness diary with equally positive effects! Like written in my blogpost: positivity is very, very contagious!

My Venice blogpost

This is my best viewed blogpost, probably because Venice is so popular and hopefully because I have chosen an original approach in my writing. It is also one of my best viewed answers on Quora, which is another platform I use to inspire others.

Yeah, I look at the statistics of my blog. I think it is good to look at your results, to enjoy them, to learn from them and to challenge yourself to reach another goal, big or small, that will give you the same kind of positive energy and encouragement. What can be yours?

My blogpost about the use of the small word “but”

Talking about small changes with huge effects…replacing “but” by “and” will make an enormous difference in your message. You go from problems to possibilities, from obstacles to options and from a negative message to a positive one!

I have written more posts about small words that have a huge impact on your communication. This is the most popular one of these, so a good one to start with. Get inspired to practice these small changes* in your communication and enjoy the results of doing so.

*replace “but” by “and”, ad “yet” at the end of a negative statement and avoid the use of the word “try”

Thank you!

There you are: 5 blogposts that mean something special to many of you and certainly to me. It was hard to chose, which made me feel good! So many blogposts full of positive inspiration, great quotes, beautiful photos and exciting destinations. I hope you have enjoyed (re)reading some of them.

Thank you so much for joining me on this adventurous journey of growth: little step by little step, blogpost by blogpost, week by week. I plan to grow even further and will continue to inspire you to apply some small changes and enjoy the rewarding results!



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  1. My opinion is that you write very differently. Different subjects. And I think that your blog is you and to read a blog by a person who is real, is the best! I also like your posts about your pupils! Congretulations on your 100st post and may there be many more!!

    1. Thanks so much for your reaction Nancy. I also like my posts about my pupils a lot, though it is a challenge writing these. I want (and need) to respect their privacy, yet know there is much we can learn from them and it’s often very refreshing and joyful to read how they act and react. As for the different subjects, maybe it is too much diversity on my blog. I read everywhere that you should find a niche and stick to that. I see that point, but life is not a niche. Life is divers and I love that diversity, so decided to do it my way! Love, Lieske

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