Feminine floral dress to transition from winter to spring

Dress: Yes or No (new), Cardigan: Street One, Bag: H&M, Boots: Dansi  (TheLittleShoeShop)

“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” – Miranda (from the film The Devil wears Prada)

Not groundbreaking maybe, but floral dresses are a spring thing once again in 2019 and while I owe quite a few of them I thought one more would be OK. This one is perfect to transition from winter to spring and both my pupils and I absolutely love the dress.

Read on to find out what I love about the dress and what my pupils think of it. I am sure you are as aware as I am that “children and fools tell the truth” – Spanish proverb.

The dress

Many of my teacher colleagues wear jeans to work. They do so because jeans are so very comfortable. They are. Absolutely!

Dresses like this one are even more comfortable though: they are pretty loose (no buttons or belts needed), offer free movement, can be worn with sneakers and boots and on top of all that they also display your curves in a gentle way. I love feeling comfortable in class and even more so when I know I look feminine and stylish too.

In case you think young pupils (age 10-12) do not notice the way their teachers dress…think again! I regularly receive compliments from both boys and girls for the way I dress. Some girls even ask me if we can wear the same kind of clothes now and then. Last week I was wearing my yellow cardigan on request, so a girl in one of my classes could compare hers to mine to see if they were really the same (they were actually; both bought at the same children’s department🙂).

In my blogpost “Three thankfulness tales” you can read what a 12 year old boy thinks of the way I dress to school (“cool” ). And just this week, when wearing my new floral dress to school, I got a sweet note from a 10 year old girl after my lesson. She is very good at English, had quickly done her work and used the remaining time of the lesson to write me the following note with glittery pens in different colours:

You are the best teacher of the world. We learn so many new things and you are so cool. You have nice dresses and nice lessons. I ❤️ U

And I just ❤️ my job!

The cardigan

I also love this purple cardigan, which is many seasons old by the way. I bought it to go with another dress (see photo below and more here), but I do no longer feel comfortable wearing this dress in class (I consider it too short for the classroom).

I am happy the cardigan goes so well with my new dress too, adding additional life to this beautiful purple piece of garment.

The details

I am all for small changes with huge effects and that is a reason why I often fall in love with certain details in my clothes, like the sleeves of this dress. They were actually far more pronounced bell sleeves originally; beautiful but very unpractical. As a foreign language teacher I use my arms and hands a lot, helping pupils understand the meaning of my spoken language by making gestures. Luckily in a way, the sleeves were too long for my petite arms, so a friend of mine has shortened them for me. They fit perfectly now and they are out of my way when gesturing! The bow adds a playful element, don’t you agree?

More floral dresses

When you love floral dresses, you can click on the following links for more examples, since I have got a bright pink summer dress, an orange/pink summer dress, a sound-of-music style dress, a sweet pastel flowers dress and a versatile blue/white one.

Hmm…maybe I did not really need another one after all…So far my good intention regarding sustainable shopping (although I hope you also noticed that my cardigan, bag, boots, sunglasses and even my matching purple earrings are all old items)!

What are your feelings about: Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

Thank you for reading and wishing you a sunny spring weekend!








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  1. Ah, you have got great pupils in your class! How valueable are those notes, of the fact that girls want to wear the same! Doesn’t t that give you a good feeling.
    What a beautiful colors you are wearing! I love that cardigan, it s a fantastic color. And I also love the bow sleeves! Happy weekend Lieske! Mine starts today, shopping and a lunch with my sister!

    1. Thanks Nancy. I am super happy with the dress and yeah, I have the best pupils! My weekend started today as well. I had lunch with a friend after our visit to a super exhibition at the Beyeler museum in Basel “Picasso: Blue and Rose Periods”. I wore another of my floral dresses (a blue and rose one to keep in style). Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love, Lieske

  2. Small changes and big effects, Yes you certainly are inspiring in that way, as well as many others . I was pleased to see that your pupils also admire your clothing. I am also not surprised that you and a student might be wearing the same thing. We both shop the children’s department. LOL.
    Groundbreaking? Perhaps not— but absolutely gorgeous. The floral print is beautiful and I love the ruffle detail on the cardigan. Lovely lavender color and those beautiful blossoms. How lovely to see.


    1. Thanks Elle, for all your kind words. I especially loved reading that you think I am inspiring in different ways on my blog. That’s the aim, so I am very happy it works out well. And yeah, I know you shop at children’s departments too. Some of my most worn pieces are from there actually. Wishing you a fabulous week Elle. Love, Lieske

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