Wearing a red biker jacket in a city full of boats, not bikes

Jacket (new): Tally Weijl, Trousers: Jacqueline de Yong, Top & Bag: H&M, Shoes: Vans

“Love anchors the soul.” – unknown

Red being the colour associated with love and romance, I thought I’d buy myself something red for a romantic weekend away with my love. When you have read last week’s blogpost you know we went to Venice (and thanks to whom).

I am not quite sure if a biker jacket is considered romantic (and Venice is very romantic-trust me), nor do I associate bikers with boats (and Venice is full of boats-trust me), so let’s focus on the colour above all: red for romance!

Focussing on the colour is pretty easy in this case, since this fake leather jacket is very, very red. And my weekend trip was very, very romantic!

The jacket was the perfect pick for a long day of walking (and walking you do in Venice: 400 bridges and many more stairs). It kept me warm (we had sunny spells, but layering was still very welcome) and comfortable.

I felt ridiculously happy and stylish while exploring the beauties of Venice with my husband at my side. Have a look at the outfit with canals, bridges and beautiful buildings in the background.

Thank you for visiting my blog and have a great weekend with lots of love to anchor your soul!

Love, Lieske

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  1. Was Venice what you expected it to be? I only know it from the movie,Don t look now! Do you remember that one? I love biker jackets because they look good on every outfit. But that beautiful red I haven t steen so much! It s fabulous and I think you will wear it a lot! Have a great weekend Lieske!

    1. Venice was fantastic, like one big open air museum. Knowing Amsterdam and its canals, I thought I knew a bit what to expect. No way! Venice is so special. We were very lucky with the weather too, so it has been a weekend we will remember and cherish for a long time. And I hope indeed to wear the red biker jacket for a long time too. Love, Lieske

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