Three thankfulness tales

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“Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.”

– Eddie Cantor

I am enjoying life to the fullest when you are reading this. I will either be on my way to Venice or already exploring the canals, small streets and Italian food, together with my husband. We have chosen to travel by train, because that is super relaxing and you are rewarded with stunning views of the alps and of Venice (the latter we have heard, not seen yet). On top of that: travelling by train is very sustainable.

You will probably remember that my husband surprised me with this romantic get-away on Valentine’s Day. Well, there is more to tell about how he came to that idea. He (or better said “I”) had some help from a rather unexpected source: a 12 year old pupil of mine…Read on to find out more!

Why telling thankfulness tales?

Why am I telling thankfulness tales this week? Well, you will probably not only remember my husband’s Valentine’s gift, but also the gift I bought myself at the beginning of the New Year: a thankfulness diary.

My one and only New Year’s Resolution was to write in my thankfulness diary each day for at least 3 months in a row in 2019.

We are nearly 3 months further in time and I am still doing it! Writing in my thankfulness diary every single day for the past 3 months has created lots of positive energy in my life and in the life of my family (positive vibes are very contagious).The diary I use is full of motivational quotes and I’d like to share one of them with you today:

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it.” – William Arthur Ward

Therefor these three thankfulness tales. They’re great stories about three events in which I was surprised and spoiled by three different pupils in a very sweet and sharing way. One of the stories has to do with Venice, one with fabulous food and one is about a most memorable message.

Venice for Valentine

Just get a bag and drop a dream in it, and you’ll be surprised what happens. – Charles Nelson Reilly

The Valentine’s gift of a weekend to Venice for two was inspired by a letter, written to my husband by one of my pupils. I am talking about a 12 year old boy, helping me make a dream come true.

A few weeks back we were discussing favourite holiday destinations in class. One boy described Venice and I asked him if he thought I should go and visit Venice too. “Absolutely”, was his spontaneous reply. My next question was (remember that he is 12 years old!) if he thought it would be a perfect place for a romantic weekend with my husband. “Absolutely”, was his enthusiastic and spontaneous reply. I told him (and the rest of the class) that I had a bit of a challenge convincing my husband to go there, since he had read too much about too many tourists going to a too small town. Somehow I spontaneously asked the boy if he could maybe write my husband a letter, telling him why Venice would be a super destination for the two of us.


So I asked the girl sitting next to him to tell me all about her favourite holiday destination. Before she could answer we all heard a loud: “I’ll do it if I can write to your husband in German instead of English!” I answered with an enthusiastic “Yes, of course!” and then listened to the next story.

One week later I got a huge, red, sealed envelope with my husband’s name on it with the order to give it to him. After having read the message, my husband’s spontaneous reaction was if he could write back to the boy and…if he could do so in English. I answered with an enthusiastic “Yes, of course!”

The following lesson I entered the classroom with a huge, red, sealed envelope with my pupil’s name on it. Within 3 seconds he stood next to me and wanted to open the envelope and read it. I told him he couldn’t, since I wasn’t supposed to know what my husband had written. The boy spontaneously and enthusiastically sent me out of my own classroom, so he could read the letter to the rest of the class. I obeyed willingly! After a short while I was called back in and all my pupils were sitting there with perfect poker faces. I was told that I could tell my husband that they had understood his message…

Long before I knew, this class knew what my Valentine’s present would be!

Awesome apple cake

You know how much I love chocolate and yummy food in general. My pupils know this as well and for Xmas one of my pupils gave me some homemade fudge. It was fantastic! One of my favourite cakes is an apple-fudge cake and I thought it nice to give her the recipe, assuming she was a fudge-fan too. I printed it out (in English of course – once a teacher, always a teacher) and gave it to her after the Xmas break.

I overheard her proudly telling her classmates that I had shared my favourite cake recipe with her and that it was even in English, because I believed she could manage that. I was happy that I had given her something special back after her personal present to me.

One week later she walked towards my desk with her hands behind her back and asked me to close my eyes and to put my hands open in front of me. I did as I was asked and felt that she carefully placed something small and soft in them. She told me to open my eyes again (I just could hear the smile in her voice) and in my hands lay a cute apple-fudge cupcake…

That I hadn’t expected. She then gave me 4 more, so I could give each of my family members one too. How sweet is that?!

Memorable Message

Back to Valentine’s Day and to a different class. One of the “cooler” boys came to me with a huge smile on his face and gave me a selfmade Valentine’s card with the following text:

I think you are very friendly and funny, that’s what I wanted to tell you. You also wear cool clothes. What I mean to say is that they are very stylish. That’s why I think they’re cool. Wishing you a beautiful Valentine’s Day.

I was very touched and thanked him for the card and the text. Back home I shared the story and the card with my family and they were touched too. One week later, after class, I asked him to stay a bit longer. I told him that my family loved his card and his words. I let him know that my husband’s reaction was: “I couldn’t have said it any better myself.” and that both my sons thought it was awesome and my daughter thought it was really cute.

You should have seen his face: beaming like the sun on a hot summer day. The following lesson he came to me after class and asked me if I could tell him once more what my family thought of his card, since he couldn’t remember exactly. I asked him if this was true or that he just wanted to hear it again. “Yeah, I would very much like to hear it again”, he said. I could totally relate to that and happily repeated all the reactions on his memorable message.

These 3 young children have shown how easily and effortlessly you can make someone else very happy. Their positivity has reached further than just me. It has affected my family, their classmates, my colleagues and now also all of you, since I just had to share these stories.

Thank you for visiting my blog and let’s all do something positive for someone in our lives this week, since positivity is very contagious!




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  1. I started to read this with a smile on my face, and ended,again,with tears! You always make me cry! Haha.isn t it wonderfull to be a child and have you as a teacher!

    1. OMG Nancy, I am shocked. I didn’t know I make you cry that often. Definitely not on purpose! I hope they are good tears. Thanks for you sweet words as ever. Love, Lieske

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