A disguised dress

Dress: H&M (this season), Jumper: Esprit, Boots: Dansi via the little shoe shop

“A person’s true nature will reveal itself despite disguise.”

– Aesop

This week people all around the world will be partying in Carnival’s costumes, disguising themselves in creative ways, according to the festival’s theme and/or their own taste. I do it my way and show you a disguised dress.

Do you remember my romantic wild animal print dress? Well, meet it again, disguised as a skirt this week. I have combined it with my black turtleneck jumper and black boots.

I love shopping my own wardrobe and creating new outfits with old pieces. Like I wrote last week: it’s good for creativity and sustainability!

Have a look for yourself what a different outfit I created around Xmas with the same jumper on a black and white pencil skirt (for more photos click here).

Back to the dress: I personally think the wild animal print dress looks much more romantic than the wild animal print “skirt”. Very different looks with very different vibes. (click here for more photos of the romantic dress)

I would love reading what you think of this week’s “skirt” look. You can write your thoughts  in the comments section below.

Thank you for visiting my blog and wishing you a festive weekend, be it because you celebrate Carnival, or life, or both!




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  1. I should think about wearing a dress as a skirt! That is such a perfect solution to have more wear out of our clothing! Lovely print Lieske. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks Nancy. It’s a great idea, isn’t it? And it is a completely different outfit using existing pieces. I am very happy with the result myself too. Love, Lieske

  2. I do love your marvelous display of creativity here. You know I am a fan of animal prints. But what great idea to wear a sweater over the dress, making it appear as if it is a skirt and sweater combination.
    I also am crazy about the outfit that you wore over Christmas.
    It certainly helps to be resourceful and creative when it comes to sustainable fashion.

    1. Thanks Elle. I always admire you for finding so many good-looking pre-loved items and different ways of styling them too. Your compliment just made my day even more beautiful. Thanks! Love, Lieske

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