A pre-loved pink jumper for Valentine’s Day

Pink jumper: Bijenkorf Collection, Trousers: H&M, Belt: Escada Sport, Boots: Chico(new)

“Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.”

-H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Wearing a pre-loved pink jumper on an old pair of beautiful black trousers on a sunny Saturday (look at my eyes…). I have chosen to wear this romantic outfit for Valentine’s Day too, since I knew I would spent quite a bit of time in my kitchen. With this outfit I could be a kitchen princess and get “date night” right as well.

Remember the 5 love languages from previous blog posts? You may have gotten the impression that I am quite impressed by them. Well, you’re right. I am! Keeping them in mind and knowing my family’s love for Italian food, I decided to spoil my loved ones with a romantic red dinner; prosecco with red ice cubes, tomato soup, pasta pollo with red pesto and a gelato dessert with strawberries followed by coffee and chocolate.

Read on to find out how this dinner included all 5 love languages and to enjoy some more pretty pink pictures.

Pretty in pink

Last weekend I was busy climbing wood for these photos (be impressed please; it was quite a challenge with my beautiful black boots!) and busy editing my wardrobe (more about that in my next blogpost). Doing so I found some almost forgotten pieces that were just screaming for my attention. This pre-loved pink jumper is one of them. I love turtleneck jumpers in winter because they are so warm and caring for your neck. The bold & bright pink colour is both feminine and powerful, a combination I love in women.

I mostly keep these black trousers for special occasions. I certainly never wear them to school. They are too challenging to cycle in and best worn with high heels, which I find highly unpractical in the classroom.

Well, I was at home, Valentine’s Day is a special occasion and wide legged trousers plus high heels make your legs look waaaayyyyy longer than they are; a perfect choice I’d say.

I have followed Yvonne’s (funkyforty.com) advice and tucked in my top to give my legs even a bit more extra length. The pink of the jumper matches Valentine’s Day and my special serviettes and the chocolate hearts perfectly, so the choice for the whole outfit was an easy one. And so was the cooking actually. I have chosen easy to prepare recipes that I know my family loves and that were all in shades of red.

1 dinner, 5 love languages

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get—only with what you are expecting to give—which is everything.”

– Katherine Hepburn

My romantic red Valentine’s dinner served not only my loved ones, but also all 5 love languages:

  • Act of Service: certainly! I did the shopping and the cooking and the table setting!
  • Receiving gifts: I consider a three-course meal in the middle of the week a lovely present indeed.
  • Quality Time: That one is obvious, isn’t it?
  • Words of Affirmation: I added a little romantic note for my husband and a less romantic one, but equally loving one, for my teens.
  • Physical Touch: There were some hugs and kisses of course and I leave the rest up to your own imagination if you don’t mind (and also if you do mind actually)

Venice for Valentine

I wasn’t the only one in a romantic and Italian mood yesterday. My husband surprised me with a city trip to Venice for two. His present also included all 5 love languages by the way…

  • Act of Service: certainly! He did the bookings!
  • Receiving gifts: I consider a weekend away a lovely present indeed.
  • Quality Time: That one is obvious, isn’t it?
  • Words of Affirmation: I got a little romantic note too.
  • Physical Touch: There were some more hugs and kisses of course and I leave the rest up to your own imagination again if you don’t mind (and also if you do mind actually)

After lots of Italian mascarpone yesterday I think I will spend my weekend doing lots of snow walking. Good for boosting body and brain and for burning cheese calories!

I hope you have (been) spoiled (by) your loved ones on Valentine’s Day as well.

Thanks for visiting my blog and love and be loved!




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    1. Thanks Yvonne. It was really cool that I had just seen your blogpost about the wide legged trousers and how to wear tops on them before we headed out to take some photos. Perfect timing! Enjoy the sunny weekend that lays ahead of us. Love, Lieske

  1. Oh what a wonderfull present you got! And what a good Idea to prepare a red dinner!we don t celebrate Valentine at all, because we think it s commercial and all, and we don t feel the need to do something romantic on a special day. But the Idea of cooking such a dinner at home is fantastic and I will certainly remember that for next Year! Your sweater is gorgeous! Hoe long do you have to cycle to school?

    1. There is a very sweet story connected to the trip to Venice. I will share that one when we are going (which will be next month). I am totally with you regarding not buying presents. That said:I have always bought my children some small sweets with a loving note attached. They love this kind of small “surprises”, even now that they are teenagers. As for the cooking: that was another type of surprise that I enjoy as much as the ones I cook for. It was great to create something so colourful and yummy (and easy) in the middle of the week. We really had a wonderful night last night. Love, Lieske

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