A picture is worth a thousand words

“Enjoy the butterflies of winter. Each as unique and amazing as you!”


Since pictures sometimes speak louder than words, a blogpost with lots of photos and few words.

Wel…that was the plan. Honestly! Truth is that I just like writing too much to go for photos only. I will still show you a lot of snowy photos this week and use the opportunity to tell you why pictures often speak louder than words and how you can use that knowledge.


We live in a fast-moving world ands people take less and less time to read. The fact that some websites tell you in advance how many minutes reading a certain text will take speaks for itself I think.

Bearing this in mind, why not use a picture instead of words? If you can find a picture that captures your message, you have more chances that you get your message across to a larger audience. I think this may explain a huge part of the success of Instagram, where pictures do most of the “talking”.

Fatal attraction

A colourful or beautiful picture attracts the eye more than a bunch of words. Describing this winter wonderland would be less effective than just showing you the photo.

As a blogger you can use the attraction of photos by selecting your most appealing photo (the fatal attraction one) as the one people see on your blog’s homepage, inviting your visitors to read on. I thought the above photo would be the fatal attraction one for this blog post. Do you agree?


Pictures, like stories, can be easily remembered. Knowing this, see whether you can capture your message in one single picture; it will stick in the memories of your audience.

You can also use a picture to illustrate your point of course. As the picture is easily remembered, so is your point. I have used this knowledge in a previous blogpost (the sunny cardigan on a misty morning), showing a photo with the message that you are responsible for your mood (you should bring the sunshine with you). I think the photo captures the message quite nicely.

In the blogpost about hiding the Xmas extras, I have illustrated each explanation with supportive photos, since they show even better what I mean than I can express in words. Seeing the photo again will bring the information back to you.

Illustrating with a photo how well a jumper over a skirt works for hiding your belly!

You probably know the saying that a picture is worth a 1000 words. Well, there you go! Point taken.

By the way, a metaphor is worth a 1000 pictures. When giving a training or lesson you may want to use both pictures and metaphors. It offers variation and helps your audience and/or students remember your key points better!


Pictures evoke emotions very effectively (does it show that I love snow?) and emotion drives attention.

I have used this in the blogpost about Time flies. That blogpost starts with two photos of my son and me with a time-lapse of more than 10 years, showing that time flies (and it flies fast!). You see how many words I have to use whereas the two photos do this so much faster and more effectively! I am sure I have got the attention for the point I want to make in that blogpost by the two photos alone. When you’re curious about the photos and the content: here’s the link.

There is also a beautiful metaphor to be read in that same blogpost. Metaphors, just like pictures, bypass the conscious mind and so the message goes directly into the unconscious mind, where all learning takes place.

Two for one

When you combine a well chosen picture with some spot-on words, you push home the message in a very powerful way! That’s what I do on Instagram. I make sure my photos are always supported by well chosen texts.

– Victor Hugo

It’s also how I start every blogpost. When people are in a hurry (remember the fast-moving world I referred to earlier), at least they will have seen a beautiful photo and have read an inspiring quote.

You, on the other hand, have gotten much more today: Many photos, great links to previous blogposts and five ways how pictures and photos can help you get your message across (speed, fatal attraction, memory, emotion, two for one).

Coat: Tally Weijl, Beret (new) & Scarf: H&M

Thank you for reading and profit from (posting) photos and pictures!



PS: Anyone noticed anything special about my choice of headings this week?


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    1. Glad that you have enjoyed the winterly photos, a “safe ” way to enjoy winter for those who aren’t too keen on the cold! Happy and snow-free weekend to you Nancy. Love, Lieske

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