A super snow shoe walk to boost body & brain

“Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.”

–  Thomas Jefferson

The same Friday that I published my blog post about hiding the Xmas extras we went for a super snow shoe walk. Not because I wanted to bring the “walk your talk” quite literally into practice, but because there was an abundance of freshly fallen snow and you should always take your chances when they present themselves, right?!

There isn’t much that can beat the beauty of freshly fallen snow, a perfectly ploughed trail (made by my husband for me😘) and a homemade picnic with bread from the bakery and hot herbal tea. Some days are just sunny days, even when the sun isn’t shining the whole time!

Boost your body

By going for a snow shoe walk we had fun, romance and a workout (look at the photos below, that was hard work, trust me). The walk has helped us get rid of some Xmas cookies, I am sure. A walk does much more for you though. Did you know it’s not only good for your body, but also for your brain?

Boost your brain

More and more research is done on the effect of physical exercise on your brain. Most of these studies work with regular brisk walking as physical exercise. Doing regular physical exercise will:

  • Improve your memory and your thinking

Many studies have discovered that the parts of the brain that control thinking and memory grow as people get fitter.

German researchers, for example, showed that walking or cycling during learning helped new foreign language vocabulary to stick. That is music to my foreign language teacher ears of course!

Physical exercise also improves mood and sleep and it reduces stress and anxiety. Problems in these areas have got a negative influence on your memory or thinking. One more reason to embrace regular physical exercise.

  • Help you stay mentally fit longer

There is also growing evidence that staying physically active can help slow the normal declines in the brain functions that come with age. Assuming many of you are 40+, like I am, this is good news, right?! Even more so, because workouts do not need to be extreme: 30-45 minutes of brisk walking, three times a week, will do the trick! So, no need to habituate yourself to walk very far, just habituate yourself to walk regularly!

For more information, you can visit the Harvard Health website, The Guardian or Time. (Just a few links, there is tons of information to be found of course.)

I hope to have inspired you to do some weekly walking. When you would do it with a female friend, you double the positive effects, since weekly walking will boost your body and brain and female friendships are good for your mental wellbeing.

When your love language or the love language of your partner is quality time, do as we did, and go for a walk together! It will boost your love tank as well as your body and brain.

Thank you so much for reading and enjoy your weekend walk(s)!



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  1. Stunning! I ll bet that was hard work! Is that near where you live? And how long did you walk? We are often going for a ,,walk,, to the Hoge Veluwe. Especially when we are a bit stressedienst. The fresh air helps us to relax and we always feel better when we been there! Happy weekend Lieske!

    1. Hi Nancy. Yeah, it’s pretty close to where we live. Aren’t we lucky, having this in our “backyard”? The Hoge Veluwe is very beautiful too, in many seasons really and I can imagine it’s a perfect spot to unwind. Have a great weekend too. Love, Lieske

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