How to hide those Xmas extras…

Dress: Only, Boots: The Little Shoe Shop, Hat: H&M, Top: Tally Weijl, Necklace and Bag: ? (gifts from my mum)

“Walking Your Talk Is A Great Way To Motivate Yourself. No One Likes To Live A Lie. Be Honest With Yourself, And You Will Find The Motivation To Do What You Advise Others To Do.”

– Vince Poscente

I am a blogger who “walks her talks”. That means that I have enjoyed lots of yummy meals and cakes during the holidays and…tada…being 40+, this has had some effect on my beautiful belly! I can imagine that some of you may recognise this and that’s why I show you several stylish dresses and skirts that have this extra bonus of hiding your belly pretty well.

Dresses and skirts that hide your belly

Dresses with an elastic waistband have got many advantages. One of them is that they accentuate my waist and hide my belly, making me look just as slim with as without the Xmas extras.

More photos of the polka dots dress here and of the wild animal print one here.

Short, straight dresses are great to hide a bit of Xmas extras when they are loose or wide enough, like the ones below.

More photos of the tartan dress here and of the pied the poule one here.

A dress with a high waist and a wide skirt is perfect for accentuating my waist and again…where is that Xmas extra??? You can’t see it! It works equally well with a wide skirt.

More photos of the dress here and of the skirt here.

Combining a skirt with a jumper is a quick fix too, especially when the jumper is wide, like my winter sweater. Both skirts on the photos below have got an elastic waistband, so they are not only classy, but also very comfortable.

More photos of the black & white skirt here and of the grey one here and here.

When you are not a dress or skirt type, I may have convinced you to buy one or two after seeing these photos and reading my praise. All the dresses and skirts are not only stylish and good at hiding your belly, they are also very comfortable to wear and cycling-friendly (a convincing argument for my Dutch readers).

Still not a dress or skirt fan? Check this out!

In case you still would like to get some other belly friendly inspiration, check out the following links:

Sylvia of 40+ style has collected 11 different ways to hide your belly.

Another website that offers great tips is the one from stylecraze.

And wikihow also has got some solid tips here.

And one belly friendly photo of me wearing trousers. Look how well this charming blouse hides my belly (more photos here). Tops over your trousers, layering, long cardigans or blazers and vertical stripes all work wonders when you want to hide your belly according to the above sources!

How to hide those Xmas extras…

Well, you have seen and read some tricks how to do so. I personally love the hiding option of certain pieces of my wardrobe after a period of festivities and fantastic food. I also know that it’s a temporary solution and I am always happy to return to eating healthy and exercising daily after the Xmas period.

Remember that:

“Hiding spending does not reduce spending.” – Paul Ryan

“Hiding under the bed doesn’t make the worry stop.” – Cynthia Voigt

So please combine: happy hiding, excellent exercising and determined dieting!

Thanks for reading and please share your tips & tricks in the comment section below.







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  1. Oh yes, I know about that! And you fixed it perfectly with stunning dresses and skirts! When I really want my belly to disappeare, I wear corrective understatement. Had to get used to that…but I find it very good. Have a good weekend Lieske!

    1. I think most of us know about these Xmas extras. Thanks for the compliment on the outfits Nancy. I am very happy with all of these skirts and dresses. Never actually realised the “belly” bonus, till this Xmas. One is never too old to learn, right?! Happy weekend. Love, Lieske

  2. Very illustrative. Only the outfit with the white top and wide skirt wouldn’t work for me in fat days. The skirt would stand off like a … (cannot find a word for it but I am sure you know what I mean 😂).

    1. Thanks Greetje. I have seen you doing some clever layering lately, which works wonders too. Enjoy your weekend. Love, Lieske

  3. Gorgeous dresses on you Lieske. I don’t see even a hint of tummy here..
    my fav is the classic with the white collar and the recent skirt and sweater in the snow,
    I am very disciplined with my diet as long term prednisone usually packs lots of weight in the face and belly… belly fat is directly linked to inflammation..
    so it is not always how you look that motivates..
    Good posture is helpful to me!
    Funny we both posted on IG similar messages.
    Great minds!
    Looking beautiful in this New Year!

    1. Thanks for your comments Elle and yes, there is definitely more important motivation than just the way we look. I admire you for your positive look on life and your determination for making most of it. A good posture, like a positive mind, make a huge difference in the way we look and look at the world. Thanks for sharing this with us.
      Love, Lieske

      PS: Great minds think alike indeed. Loved your IG post a lot!

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