New Year: a new sweater & new year’s resolutions

Coat: Yes or No, Skirt: Esprit: Boots: Stravers Shoes, Sweater: H&M (new)

“What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New Year.”

– Vern McLellan

In my case it is this new sweater to start with…I use it in this week’s blogpost as a way to explain why you should stick to only one New Year’s Resolution. The one that matters to you. The one that makes a difference. The one that will determine what the New Year brings to you.

I will also show you three different ways to style it, since all good things come in threes!  

New Sweater

My new sweater (bought in the recent sales) is super soft, wintery warm and has got some glitters among the grey. So far I have combined it with my dark grey and camel trousers and it goes very well with my grey skirt too, as the photos will show you.

New Year’s Resolution

As you can see for yourself, one sweater easily leads to three amazing outfits. Doing the same trick with New Year’s Resolutions will pay off too. Think about it: What is the one New Year’s Resolution that will easily lead to amazing results in your life?

People often have got many plans for a new year and yet… many plans stay just that: plans. That’s where my question comes from: Why not limit yourself to one single New Year’s Resolution this year? One plan. One goal. The most important one to you! The one that will have a huge, positive effect on your life. When you have picked out the one, make it a smart New Year’s Resolution, one that is:

Specific (write down what it is precisely that you want to change, want to achieve)

Measurable (make sure you can measure your result)

Achievable (your New Year’s Resolution should be do-able, achievable)

Right for you (it should be what you want, not your partner, boss or…)

Time-bound (set a time for yourself when you want to have accomplished it)

My smart New Year’s Resolution has everything to do with my latest blogpost: how your thankfulness adds to your happiness. You may have read the tip one of my readers has given in the comments section. She has found a thankfulness diary that contains pages with concrete implementation strategies and practical examples as well as pages you fill yourself, spending 3 minutes every morning and 3 minutes every evening. I had a look at it and think it’s brilliant. I already ordered the diary and my smart goal for 2019 is:

I write in my thankfulness diary each day for at least 3 months in a row in 2019.

I would be very happy to read your reactions on my new sweater and the outfits I created with it and even more so to read about your one important New Year’s Resolution in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the New Year!




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  1. Happy New Year Lieske! That is such a lovely sweater! Brown and Grey work perfect together.My favorite is defenitely the outfit with the skirt! You know exactly wich length is good for you and with those boots it s a very stylish outfit! But the photo sitting in the snow is also very beautiful!

    1. Thanks Nancy. I like the outfit with the skirt best too, since it is a very stylish one and (if I opt for a different pair of boots) a very comfortable one. Too bad these boots are not the most comfortable ones on earth. I love the look sooooo much, but can only wear them on occasions with a lot of sitting involved. I have cheated a bit with the skirt (folding the elastic waistband) to create my personal perfect length. Love, Lieske

  2. Love this jumper looks so soft. My favourite is the camel jeans but I like the way you pick out the different colours in the jumper with all the outfits. To reduce my shopping habit I’m only buying new things I can mix and match with outfits I already have.

    1. I do exactly the same when buying something new Angela. Thanks for your comment and above all for your diary tip. I have ordered it and will let you know how it works for me. Love, Lieske

    1. Thanks Yvonne. I am very happy with this sweater. I have worn it so much already. Not only because I like the print and the versatility of it, but also because it is so lovely warm. We have so much snow at the moment, so warm winter wear is very welcome. Love, Lieske

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