An easy to create Xmas outfit that works equally well for the post-Xmas season

 Jumper: Esprit, Bag & Beret (new): H&M, Skirt: Yes or No, Necklace: gift from my mum

I assume many of you have enjoyed several Xmas events these past few weeks, like lunches, dinners, parties and so on. Sometimes they start right after work and that’s why I love this festive yet easy outfit. I can quickly create it after a day of teaching by only changing a pair of trousers for black tights and this skirt. That way I am ready to join my friends for lunch after a morning of teaching, my colleagues for Xmas drinks after a day of teaching or my husband for a superb brunch after an early winter walk. Three Xmas events in the past week and since they all involved different people, I kind of cheated and repeated the same trick 3 times, getting lots of compliments 3 times too! Life is good.

Of course I did not do my winter walk in this outfit! Imagine that… When we took the photos I had already swapped my trousers for the skirt, but I was actually still wearing my walking boots here, making sure my new black ankle boots stay bright and shining!

The skirt is short at the front (great for petites) and longer at the back. It’s a thoughtful and playful detail. Have you also noticed how well the zippers of my skirt combine with the zipper on my little black bag?  I just love such details. I also loved the exquisite brunch with my husband that followed our romantic walk.

For my Swiss readers: The brunch was at Panorama Resort & Spa, close to Zurich and quite the place to be to spoil yourself. Yvonne, of, has recently posted a dinner review on her blog (in case you want to see more yummy photos and get an impression of the stylish interior too).

The jewellery adds some class and style to the relatively simple jumper. My black beret completes the outfit just as the little note below completes this blogpost, since Christmas is more than presents, parties and pretty outfits!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!



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  1. I love how you wear those small details! I love it too when things match of when An item had beautiful buttons of something like that. That is a very beautiful skirt, I love a high low hem line. Enjoy your Christmas days and I wish you a fabulous time!

    1. Thank you so much Nancy. I know you’ve got an eye for details too (just looking at your blogpost today proves my point convincingly). Wishing you a merry Xmas too. Love, Lieske

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