Seven small things I enjoy in winter

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Winter is coming, so here are 7 small and simple things I just love to do in the winter season.

Walking in winter wonderland 

In Switzerland winter has got a totally different dimension than winter in Holland. Whenever we are in the mood, we can go to the mountains to find some snow and sunshine for a winter walk. Have you ever tried out snow shoe walking? If not, do it! It’s a great experience. Less spectacular than skiing, but a very good cardio and when you pick the right spots to do it, you find yourself in the middle of nature and the only sound you hear is the sound of your snowshoes ploughing through the fresh snow!

Chocolate and cake 

After a day in the snow or during a day in the snow or during and after a day in the snow, I love to treat myself with a cup of coffee, a hot chocolate, a spicy or herbal tea plus something sweet. You can find 3 awesome cake recipes in this blogpost of mine and Yvonne (of is not only good at fashion, but also at baking, and you can find some great cake recipes on her blog too.

A hot bath

What better way to relax when it’s cold outside?! I have a whole selection of bath oils, so I can choose exactly the type of bath I am in the mood for.


Do you agree that candlelight makes your house look so much more romantic and cosy? For those of you who have got a fireplace, how wonderful! That’s even more atmospheric!

Films and books

I am a huge fan of reading. I have recently read “The rules of seeing”, which I can highly recommend as a language teacher (it deals with learning a new language) and as a woman (female friendship is quite important in this novel as it is in real life). It has got romance, but also suspense and dark situations in it, so a perfect winter read I’d say  (some more book-tips here).

I am not only a huge fan of reading, I also love watching films and series, which is a typical winter treat for me. Cosy on the sofa under a warm fleece plaid, hubby next to me…picture perfect!

Raclette and cheese fondue

Switzerland is famous for many things, their cheeses being one of many things I love about this country. Winter is a superb season to enjoy a traditional raclette or cheese fondue. It’s not only delicious, it’s also very easy to prepare and a great way to spend an evening with friends while dipping your bread in the creamy cheese or spicing up your melted cheese with peppers, potatoes and pickles. Some herbal tea or white wine form the finishing touch.

Christmas markets

The weeks before Christmas are romance pure in many villages and cities in Switzerland. Nearly everywhere Christmas markets can be found and over the years I have grown quite fond of these. The one in Zurich  (well, ones actually, there are quite some different ones) have become a tradition for my daughter and me. Every year we watch the huge tree in the hall of the central station, filled with Swarovski christals, we listen to carols sang by choirs who stand on another huge Christmas tree (the singing Christmas tree) and we always visit the Christmas market in front of the Opera House in Zurich to enjoy some traditional Dutch “poffertjes”, which are very small pancakes.

What small things do you enjoy in winter?



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  1. I am all for cheesefondue! But walking in a beautiful snowed landscape with no sound at all is so fantastic! We often go to the Hoge Veluwe, it s so fabulous when its white!

    1. Hi Nancy. The “hoge veluwe” is amazing all year long. I have never seen it in winter whites, but can imagine it must be dreamlike. Have a good winter weekend! Love, Lieske

    1. Zurich is just amazing this time of the year with all the different Christmas lighting and decorations. I totally adore it! Love, Lieske

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