The tartan trend

Dress: Only, Ankle boots: Chigo

It will come as no surprise that I have embraced the tartan trend in the form of another dress (like I did with the animal print trend too). I take the phrase “dress to impress” quite literally I suppose.

This dress is another example that it is possible to be a very stylish teacher while feeling super comfortable in class too. The soft material and simple shape make sure you can move around very easily in this tartan dress. Thanks to the blouse collar, there is no need for a necklace, which can be an additional bonus for teachers who work with really young children. The dress is perfect to combine with low heal shoes or (ankle) boots, so no shoepidity needed either.

The sleeves are 3/4 (or in my case 7/8), which is very practical too. Have you noticed the detail on the sleeves, that lovely black line?

The dress was originally longer that shown here. I had it shortened about 4 centimetres. I know that the latest trend is towards longer skirts and dresses, but I love showing a bit of upper leg too, being as petite as I am. Some trends you should follow, some you should ignore. Follow your own line!

What latest trend do you deliberately ignore and for what reason?




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  1. Such a lovely dress! I like tartan a lot. And you know what length suits you the best! I’m staying away from wide legged trousers. I have skinny legs and no but. That looks hideous in trousers like that.

    1. Thanks Nancy. I am very happy with this dress and yeah, I suppose I know best what length suits me. Mmm…it sounds like I am kind of jealous on your legs and but. Love, Lieske

  2. Lieske,
    Yes! I saw this fabulous dress on Instagram and fell in love. It has so much going for yes! I saw this fabulous dress on Instagram and fell in love. It has so much going for it. I am such a fan of the three-quarter sleeve and I love to add gloves to that book. The black seam and the white collar make the dress truly exceptional.
    I agree with you about length. I very seldom wear at the fashionable midi length as I am also petite. The best length for me, like you, it’s just above the knee.

    1. Thanks Elle. I knew you would like it, since it is the kind of dress that would suit you too. To add gloves is to add an Elle-element. Good to read that you are with me on the length-choice, although I do have a skirt that is over the knee and that works too (although I prefer shorter versions). Love, Lieske

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