Warm white winter wear

Trousers/Top/Cardigan (new): H&M

Winter is coming and I am so ready for it! Till we have got lots of snow, I simply create my own winter whites. This super cosy, fluffy and soft cardigan is a recent buy (children’s department, so not only a small size, also a small price). Remember my neutral 1st of August outfit? This is my neutral winter version, perfect for the 1st of December!

I have kept the trousers, the bag and the necklace and have changed the summerly romantic white blouse for a warm white top plus the super soft cardigan. The white pumps have been replaced by neutral ankle boots (see for photos last week’s blogpost); warm wear everywhere!

I have worn the outfit for a weekend to Holland, which was a very good idea. Holland is not only more in the north that Switzerland, it is also far more windy, so temperatures often feel much colder than they really are. That’s why a coffee break in a cosy and warm place (Stach) was as brilliant an idea as wearing a cosy and warm cardigan.

What is your favourite warm white winter wear?



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    1. Cool to have inspired you Nancy. I just love white in winter…it brightens up the darker days. Enjoy your weekend! Love, Lieske

    1. Thanks Martina. I am very happy with both the outfit and the hairstyle too. Both are pretty simple yet look good. What more does a girl want, right!? Have a great weekend too! Love, Lieske

  1. Whenever you come over and you have more time, let’s do coffee.
    And I think you did a great summer/winter transition with your outfit. Do you also wear tights underneath your trousers? I do, hold-ups.

    1. Great tip about the tights. I could have used them last weekend. It was so freezing cold!!! And that coffee sounds like a plan Greetje. Love, Lieske

    1. Thanks Deirdre, it is a classic one indeed and because of the white a very light one as well, which I like a lot when the days get shorter and darker. Love, Lieske

  2. A coffee break is a good idea in a beautiful, but chilly location. I adore this furry cardigan and am pleased you found it in the children’s department. You know I do that also, the fit and prices are better!
    Very cool zipped trousers!

    1. I know you love shopping in the children’s department too Elle. One of the advantages of being petite! Love, Lieske

    1. Thanks and trust me, it was very cold, mainly because of the wind! As a teacher you work on your acting skills on a daily basis, so that’s probably why it doesn’t look like it😉 Love, Lieske

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