Striped blazer

Blazer (new): H&M, Blouse: Pepe Jeans, Shoes: Piure, Jeans: H&M

As a teacher I do wear more cardigans than blazers. Why? Well, they are easier to wash, I can throw them nonchalantly over my chair when it is warm in my classroom and they are often very wrinkle-friendly.

That said, there is always this exception to the rule, so meet my striped blazer.

Let me list a few reasons for buying a blazer for a change. First of all, the blazer was on sale and being Dutch that is very, very tempting…On top of that the stripes of this blazer are vertical ones, which is great for petites. The colour scheme, as you can see, is such that I can combine it with many trousers in my wardrobe; something I appreciate for environmental and budget reasons. And although I am a huge fan of feminine clothes and patterns (I think my many floral dresses prove my point convincingly), I like the somewhat masculine look of this blazer a lot too.

As I have written on my Meet Me page: I love changes! A change in your routine is always good, be it in your wardrobe, your job/lessons, the people you socialise with or your food. Change keeps your mind flexible and this often leads to creative thoughts and new insights (more about this in my blogpost on mini breaks).

In what way do you change your (fashion) routine?



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  1. I was browsing on the net for a costume pants. I have a blazer and I like a androgyne style from now and then. But I feel the same as you about blazers, I am more a cardigan girl too. Yours look great on the jeans! And the colors are very nice together! Enjoy your weekend Lieske!

    1. Dear Nancy. It seems we share more than our nationality and love for blogging! Thanks for the compliments on the blazer. I am very happy with this one indeed. I am in The Netherlands at the moment, visiting family, so my weekend is very enjoyable, though very cold (what an icy wind….). Wishing you a great weekend too. Love, Lieske

  2. I love this striped blazer. Thanks for the introduction! I also wear cardigans more often as the fit is easier, but this blazer is very special!
    It would be fun styled with your floral dresses too.
    I am changing up my style lately by adding layers!!

    1. OK Elle, that sounds like a challenge for me: a floral dress with a striped blazer…mmm, let me try it out in the safe environment of my home first! Love, Lieske

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