Magnificent Milan

During my autumn break I did not only visit Eltz Castle, but also Milan. It was a short city break, filled with lots of Italian food, gorgeous weather, impressive architecture, vivid Italians and just a bit of shopping! Yeah, seriously, the shopping was only a small part of the trip. The best part of the trip was my companion, my teenage daughter. We had two days of quality girls’ time!

Our first day we spent exploring many sights, including the famous cathedral and nearby high end shopping centre, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The Galleria is full of exquisite restaurants and shops that are only to be looked at when you are a teacher. Imagine all of this under a high and beautiful glass roof in an amazingly stylish arcade with a magnificent mosaic floor.

After that we made our way to the Sforzesco castle and park. We loved the sight, though I feel I need to warn you for the many insistent street vendors you find near the beautiful fountain in front of the entrance. Well, concentrating more on my daughter than on them resulted in quite a nice photo…

At the other end of the park you can find this beautiful arch.

From there we took a lovely old tram to the Cimitero Monumentale di Milano. Wow, for everyone who has read Romeo & Juliet and wondered about the scene in which they both commit suicide in the Capulet tomb…visit this graveyard and you will wonder no more. This huge graveyard is full of family tombs that are enormous and each of them a real piece of art.

I have never seen anything this impressive (see the photo above and look at the entrance below), though I have been to Père Lachaise in Paris and Assistens Cemetery in Copenhagen.

To get into a more mondane mood again, we continued to the Chinese Street, close to the cemetery, and had the best ice cream ever! I haven’t done any shopping in that street, but assume it is heaven for petites like me.

We ended our first day with an Aperitivo in the Navigli quarter. An Aperitivo means buying a cocktail, a glass of wine or a soda for a price of around 10 euros and being able to have all kind of delicious finger food while enjoying your drink. My daughter and I had such a good time exploring all kind of Italian specialties (see a limited selection below) while sipping our drinks.

Our hotel was very close to the Navigli area, so it was only a short walk to our bed, which was good after such a long day. Even the honking Italian drivers could not keep me awake…

The next day we went to the Duomo and decided to take the stairs to the roof. That was an excellent idea, because the queue for the elevator was extremely long and there wasn’t any queue at all for the stairs. I think that anyone with a moderate condition can do the stairs. It was really not a big deal. The roof, on the contrary, was a real big deal. So beautiful and special to walk on top of a cathedral, close to so many arches and statues and with the most amazing views over the city. The moment we stepped on the roof, we heard some street artists below play “Hallelujah”. That was so apt and took the extraordinary beauty around us to an even higher level (if possible).

We took our time to explore the roof and the interior of the Duomo. After that we were hungry and went to the Brera quarter to have lunch. We were lucky, since we did not have a reservation and were given the last available table on the terrace. We found ourselves amidst Italian business men in suits, talking and gesturing vividly while eating, and tourists, who were enjoying the food and the Italian ambiance as much as we did.

After lunch we went for another huge Italian ice-cream as dessert and then I quickly went to the Ghigocalzature shoe shop, specialised in small and overly big sizes and bought this amazing pair of ankle boots (already full in action back home, as you can see below).

As you may have guessed…I love Milano. Staff everywhere was so very friendly, the sights so very beautiful, the shops so very diverse and the food so very good! I can highly recommend a visit. Many can be done and seen in a day. I think you should include an evening too, so can enjoy an Aperitivo a Milano.

Ciao bellas!


PS: As you will have seen I am wearing two dresses with elastic waistbands (again) and my Vans. I normally do not wear sneakers under dresses, but I love wearing them when exploring! Both dresses  were a perfect choice for the warm autumn days we had in Milan. You can find more details of the wild animal print dress and of the polkadot dress in previous blogposts (just click on the links).


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    1. The architecture is very impressive indeed and I just love Italian food. Have a great weekend Nancy. Love, Lieske

  1. I have visited Rome, which I loved, but not Milan yet. It looks wonderful on the photographs. You described it perfectly on your post. Maybe I can persuade my other half to go. It looks the perfect city to explore.
    Alison xx

    1. Hi Alison. Rome is fantastic and a league on its own. Milan is more businesslike than Rome and perfect for a short city trip (so you hardly need to take days of to enjoy everything – might be an argument your other half finds interesting). Good luck with the convincing and enjoy your weekend. Love, Lieske

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