A romantic wild animal print dress

Dress: H&M, Ankle Boots: Chigo, Sunglasses: Polaroid

As a dress lover I have decided to embrace the “wild animal print” trend by adding another dress to my wardrobe. Having experienced the many advantages of an elastic waistband in dresses and being a fan of volants, the choice for this dress was an easy one.

This short and comfortable dress has got everything I value in dresses. It is long enough to wear in class (contrary to the dress I showed you last week…), easy to cycle in, ironing-friendly, versatile season-wise and both practical a feminine.

My recently bought black ankle boots complement the outfit. I will tell and show you more about my city trip to Milan (where I found these beauties) later this month.

Ankle Boots: Chigo

For colder days or cold classrooms I can add this black cardigan with volants on one side (Esprit, previous seasons).

What wild animal print item have you added to your wardrobe this autumn?






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    1. Thanks for your compliments Nancy. I love the length too, indeed perfect for me. Happy weekend. Love, Lieske

  1. I think this dress with the cute boots will look very nice with opaque black tights as well. As you always say, it will elongate your legs and be nice and warm. Great transition pieces. You might need to find a solution for the dress clinging to the tights.

    1. Thanks so much for the great tips. You have got a sharp eye lady! The clinging was a problem indeed. What helps is putting my tights and/or dress in the freezer…Have you ever tried out that one? It’s not te be recommended in winter just before you want to go out, but otherwise it’s a really great tip. Love, Lieske

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