Pretty in purple

Dress and Cardigan: Street One (very many seasons ago) 

In the autumn break we visited this gorgeous castle, Burg Eltz, in Germany. As the colour purple has been associated with royalty, power and wealth for centuries, I thought this dress and purple cardigan perfect for the occasion.

The dress is almost too short to wear to school, though I have done so in the past… Well, it shows that one is never too old to learn! The cardigan is light and swirling. The volants add some romance to the outfit on top of the romance of the location.

When you want to visit the castle, you can take a shuttle bus from the parking or enjoy a beautiful 15-minute walk through the surrounding forests. We did the latter of course and this explains my choice of shoes, although sneakers would have been a better choice than these flats!

On the website of the castle I read the following: “We are proud of our fairy tale in stone and take pleasure in sharing it with you!”

I can totally share their feelings! Wishing you a fairy tale weekend with lots of pleasure! And remember:

“In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.” – Gianni Versace



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  1. Ha! We went there a couple of years ago buy didn t visit, because I couldn t walk up there. And there was no shuttle bus! Looks amazing doesn’t t it! You do too! Short skirts and dresses you very well and these colors are beautiful!
    Happy weekend Lieske!

    1. Well, there is a shuttle bus now Nancy, so who knows…It is a beautiful castle and the forests around it are stunning as well. Thanks for the compliments on the “short” style. It’s a shame I cannot wear too short a dress or skirt to school, but hey…there is a life for teachers outside school too! Have a happy weekend yourself! Love, Lieske

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