A warm yellow cardigan to adjust to autumn

Cardigan: Vögele (children’s department), Jeans & Top: H&M (all previous seasons)

When walking around town these past few weeks, the warm shades of yellow wink at me from nearly every shop window. I just love it, since the weather is slowly turning less warm and I find it hard to say goodbye to that gorgeous summer we have had this year. Seeing so much yellow keeps that warm feeling alive a little bit longer. That’s also why my old warm yellow cardigan is back into my wardrobe; so I can grab it whenever I am in need of some sunny warmth.

I have combined the cardigan with my dark jeans and a summerly top (with a surprising detail at the back, see here). At the beginning of September I used the cardigan as an extra layer when cycling to school, but with the month October being so close it has become part of my outfit inside the classroom.

The great thing about cardigans is that you can use them to adapt to versatile temperatures, be it inside a room (I know all about this as a teacher) or inside yourself. So far I am blissfully unaware of what this means, but I have heard lots of menopause stories…

Some comfortable ankle boots complete my outfit. I often wear blue ones with my dark blue trousers to let my legs looks longer. You can read all about what shoes can do for an outfit in this blogpost.

This cool jeans bag is definitely my favourite choice as finishing touch. What “old piece” are you recycling this season?



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  1. What a lovely colour! It certainly does remind me of the fabulous summer! I love that sort of cardigans, they are great to wear on dresses too! I wish you a great weekend Lieske!

    1. Thanks Nancy. So far I have only worn this cardigan on several trousers with several different tops. I will try out combining it with a dress this autumn. Love, Lieske

    1. Hi Jess. I knew you’d love the colour of this cardigan. It’s absolutely one that fits your colour scheme (and goes well with your hair of course). As for the wine…it totally depends on the food! Have a great (and probably warm) week. Love, Lieske

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