Awesome animal print skirt to transition from summer to autumn

Skirt: H&M, Top: Yes or No (both previous seasons)

What a summer this has been. Actually, it’s still going on, though mixed with just a bit of rain now and then. Last week we had temperatures of around 25° in Switzerland! Despite these temperatures, autumn is definitely on its way. You can feel it in the air, the first leaves have turned yellow, the days get shorter and the shop windows are displaying all kind of warm colours and fabrics. Somehow it makes the choice for your outfits a different one than on a warm summer day in the middle of August.

To tackle this challenge I have got an awesome animal print skirt. It is light as a feather, so perfect to deal with the warmth. Combined with black or brown it feels fit for autumn too.

I have chosen to combine the skirt with a simple black T-shirt. This way the skirt gets all the attention it deserves. The sleeves of the T-shirt are ruffled, which combines ever so nicely with the subtle ruffles of the skirt. Since the skirt is a midi one, I have opted for comfortable shoes with a bit of a heel. Ballerinas are very comfortable too, but they go better with shorter length skirts and dresses. For more tips how to choose the right shoe for your outfit, see my blogpost here.

Bag: H&M (previous season)

Styled like this, my outfit is a classy and very comfortable one for inside the classroom (and for outside the classroom as well of course) and a perfect one to combine summerly temperatures with the beginning of the autumn season. On top of that it’s a swirl skirt, an easy skirt to cycle in and the bag is just really spot-on colour-wise (as are my earrings by the way); all of which I just happen to love a lot too.

What kind of outfit do you wear when the temperature feels like summer and you are already in the autumn mood?



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    1. Dear Elle. I agree that every season has got its own charms. I have enjoyed this gorgeous summer and feel a bit sad, like you, that the days are getting shorter. Anyway, a good reason to do lots of other stuff than in summer. Thanks for the compliments on the outfit. I feel very happy wearing it. Relax this weekend! I know you have had a busy week. Love, Lieske

    1. Dear Jess. Looking forward to seeing your leopard pieces. I am a huge fan of summer, because (like you) I like to eat outside. I love the colours in fall and, like you, the new fashion trends (animal prints being one of them). Have a great week and thanks for your compliments! Love, Lieske

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