7 tips for comfortable and classy outfits with the right shoes

Avoid “Shoepidity”  and choose your shoes for more than just looking great!

Are you familiar with the term  “Shoepidity”? It is something that I avoid as a teacher. “Shoepidity” is  the act of wearing ridiculously uncomfortable shoes just because they look good.

As a teacher comfort is your number 1 rule for your outfits and certainly for your shoes. That said, it doesn’t have to stop there. You can easily add some classy elements to your outfits, so you are still comfortable while looking stylish too! I am sure this is something that appeals to every woman.

This blogpost is all about comfortable shoes (so welcome in the classroom, the shop, the hospital, for running errants, for exploring cities…) and how to make them work for your outfits!

Make sure you can walk in your shoes!

Shoes can do so much for an outfit, yet what to pay attention to when you want both comfort and class? Here are some tips (part of them from the fabulous Sylvia of 40plusstlye and part from wikihow). First of all, make sure that you buy shoes you can walk in! As a teacher I walk so much every day, that this is my number 1 rule for the shoes I wear at school. I am sure you will understand that my beautiful black boots on the above photo never make it to school.

Complete instead of compete

After you have covered this basic rule of being able to walk in the shoes you are wearing, it’s time to add the classy part, bearing in mind that your shoes should complement your outfit instead of competing with it! Below is an example where the fake fur of the vest comes back in the fake fur of my ankle boots: quite complementary I’d say!

Pimp up or tone down

For basic and simple outfits opt for shoes that pimp up your outfit, while you have to tone down shoe-wise when your outfit is rather hip and trendy. To cut it short: balance! In my case this isn’t always easy. Having the smallest of feet I have got the smallest number of shoe pairs and most of them are not the “shout-out-loud” type. This means that I can hardly ever use my shoes to pimp up an outfit, but I am sure many of you can and should do so.

Play with colours

Colour-wise you follow the above rule as well. This means that you can either choose shades of the same colour or make sure one of the colours of your outfit comes back in your shoes. You can also choose a completely different colour to pimp up a rather simple outfit colour-wise. Looking at my own choice of shoes, I seem to tend nearly 100% towards making sure one colour of my outfit comes back in my shoes. You can see this on the photo above and the one below and actually on all the other photos in this blogpost and all my other blogposts too…Mmm, I am rather predictable in this field so I notice.

Look at those long legs!

Ankle straps will shorten your legs, so be careful with this look when your legs are short (a golden tip for petites like me!). So…no photo with ankle straps from me. What works wonders for petites is choosing a shoe that is the same colour as your trousers to make your legs look longer. Plenty of examples in many blogposts of mine… and one below to make my point!

High heels add class to jeans

Although I do not wear heels to work, they work wonders in adding some class to a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt, like shown here.

When to do ballerinas and when not

Ballerinas are very popular among teachers. They go well with short till knee-length dresses and skirts, like you have seen earlier in this blog post and like shown here:

For mid- to maxi-skirts, you should consider a less-than-flat ballet flat with a slightly elevated heel, like I have done here.

Sneakers under dresses and skirts…

Thanks to the athleisure trend, sneakers can be worn with pretty much anything these days, including dresses and skirts. I still have to be convinced that this trend suits me too. So far I only wear sneakers with dresses and skirts when on holidays, like in Potsdam.

So, I cannot give you any tips on how to best combine sneakers with dresses and skirts. Actually, I am in need of some tips, since I still feel uncomfortable wearing sneakers under skirts and dresses. How to do this with super small feet and when being 40+? Please teach the teacher how to do this!




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  1. So now we see that flat shoes van be stylish too! I am buying more and more comfortable shoes. It is to important. But when I was younger ,I choose the ,,shoepidity,, shoes!

    1. Hey Nancy. I have got the feeling that we were all more into “shoepidity” when we were younger. I know I used to be. Happy comfortable and stylish weekend to you. Love, Lieske

  2. These are very good tips. I totally agree with all of them. An uncomfortable pair of shoes makes me very cranky. I also agree that ankle straps are not a great choice for me. However if they are comfortable, I didn’t will wear them from time to time.
    I think I have the same fake fur booties as you. BUT mine are in black. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead Lieske,

    1. Dear Elle. You know, perfection is the enemy of excellence! So, hooray to experimenting with tips, including overruling them on days that you prefer comfort over a long-leg-look. Have a wonderful week yourself too. Love, Lieske

  3. Lol, “shoepidity” is the PERFECT term to describe choosing a shoe that just won’t work for the classroom. That term is now permanently in my vocabulary. I’ve had my fair share of “shoepidity”. I love your tips, especially about ankle strap shoes. Only on rare occasions do ankle strap shoes work for me and now I’m realizing why that might be. Oddly enough, my feet tend to be more comfortable in a good-quality heel than flats in the classroom! I think it’s because my heels tend to have more support than most of the ballet flats I come across! But, give me a great pair of booties and I’m in heaven all day!

    More to Mrs. E

    1. Hi Virginia. I’ve also had my fair share of “shoepidity”. Being very small I have too often chosen to wear too high heels to whatever occasion, including school. Well, life is learning and even teachers can learn as well as teach, so…nowadays I choose my shoes more practically making sure they are stylish as well. Like you, booties are my absolute favourite! Thanks for stopping by. Love, Lieske

  4. I love the word “shoepidity! ” that is wonderful! Believe me, it is done everywhere. I went to have a medical procedure done and a girl came in for the same procedure, dressed in very high heels!
    I used to teach, and i agree, comfortable shoes are a must, i love your choice of colorful shoes. i need some support too, as my back would tend to hurt in shoes too flat. Love that fun fur look too!
    jess xx

    1. Hi Jess. Thanks for sharing that story here. Virginia (see comments below) and you seem to share the same feelings about too flat flats. I think we all should search for what works best for our feet and back when shoe shopping. Love, Lieske

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