Jeans, too casual for work or not?

Jeans: Tally Weijl, Bag: H&M (both previous seasons), T-shirt: C&A, Sunnies: Polaroid (both new)

As a teacher I do not wear jeans a lot, because it is a dress code embraced by so many colleagues that I’d rather wear something else. For holidays however, I always put a pair of jeans in my suitcase, because they are versatile and practical; no ironing needed and they do stay rather clean, or at least you don’t see the dirt that easily…

Today I have combined a pair of boyfriend jeans with a simple white T-shirt with a pretty pattern of romantic roses (for a dress with wild roses, click here). By adding comfortable and classy pumps and a colourful bag, I have created a sunny and comfortable outfit that would be perfect for the classroom as well (if you feel comfy enough to wear high heels in the classroom that is).

Pumps: The Little Shoe Shop London, a great shop for those of you with tiny feet!

Do you agree or do you think it is too casual, wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt in the classroom? And what about you? Can you and/or do you wear a casual outfit like this at work? I would be happy to read your thoughts about jeans at work: Are they too casual or not?



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    1. Hi Nancy. The background is amazing right? It is a wonderful spot in Bergen, The Netherlands, where we spent fantastic beach holidays this summer. Like you, I do not wear jeans a lot. With this T-shirt and yellow bag I love the look though (and on holidays, jeans are just really very practical). Sunny weekend to you too. Love, Lieske

  1. I am not sure it is too casual but I think it is more professional to wear something else. Perhaps students may relate to you better if you wear them? I guess it could be viewed in many ways. I do know however, that you look stunning in these jeans with the pretty floral T-shirt. Love the heels with a denim, it really changes up the outfit. The yellow envelope handbag is a great choice also. Always beautiful!

    1. Dear Elle, I agree with you. I think jeans tend to be rather casual and that’s why I avoid them in class. Maybe you are right about students relating more to me in one way. Being their teacher I prefer to be dressed different than them though! Thanks for the compliments on the outfit. I had to smile when I read your comment about what high heels do with denim, since I have just finished writing a blogpost about what shoes do to an outfit. It will be posted soon and I will send you a personal reminder. I am sure you will recognise your view on high heels and denim! Have a great weekend! Love, Lieske

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