A very neutral outfit for the Swiss National Day

In a few days, on the 1st of August, the Swiss will celebrate their National Day. Switzerland is known for its chocolate, watches, cheese, banks, mountains and…neutrality. Their neutrality is the oldest one in the world, dating back to the Treaty of Paris in 1815. The celebration of their National Day has its origin a bit later. The founding of the Swiss Confederacy in 1291 was celebrated for the first time 600 years after the event (1st of August 1891) and annually since 1899. 

So far some historical dates (if you are one of my Swiss readers, you can impress your friends with these dates, casually mentioning them while enjoying your Cervelat and watching the fireworks on the 1st of August). To celebrate the Swiss National Day I have chosen to show you a very, very neutral outfit.

Trousers: H&M, Blouse: KY création, Bag: Maddison (all previous seasons)

It’s an outfit that goes well for many occasions: I wear it in the classroom, but it’s equally suited to enjoy an excellent lunch or dinner with friends or to wear when visiting a city for a day (although I would swap the pumps for low heal shoes or ankle boots to do so).

The trousers are made of slightly stretched material, which makes them absolutely comfortable to wear. The blouse is truly romantic because of the rushes, collar and bow at the back. Adding one of my mum’s necklaces brings the colour scheme perfectly into balance. I am ever so happy with this neutral outfit, though I normally tend to wear stronger colours.

How about you? Do you wear neutrals or do you prefer colourful outfits?



PS: For all my Swiss friends and readers: Happy 1st of August and enjoy the celebrations!



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    1. Thanks Nancy. It’s far more elegant and classy than most of my wardrobe, but like you, I absolutely love it. Have a great, tropical weekend in Holland! Love, Lieske

  1. I think it is a perfect outfit. Looks really good on you. Love the blouse and the bag. And,as a necklace lover, love your mother’s necklace. I cannot find the “ little styling mistake”you talked about. So it must be tiny.

    1. Dear Greetje. Thanks for all your kind compliments. I do adore my mum’s necklace a lot as well. She has bought it on a local market in southern France, so I always have got this holiday feeling when wearing it! As for the tiny styling mistake: I forgot one button (quite visible on the last picture). Have a sunny weekend (once more!). Love, Lieske

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