Four factors in favour of an elastic waistband

Dress: H&M  (the other 2 dresses in this blogpost are also from H&M)

A few weeks back I posted some photos of a lovely floral summer dress. This dress, like my two polka dot dresses (see here and here), has got an elastic waistband. Before I bought these 3 dresses I did not have anything in my wardrobe with an elastic waistband (apart from pyjamas and sportswear that is) and I must admit there are quite some benefits of elastic waistbands. I’d like to share 4 of them with you in random order.

Good for growing kids and growing bellies

The first benefit is that they allow your clothes to be used for a longer period of time. I see that advantage for kids and also for pregnant women (Jean of extra-petite wears lots of elastic waistbands lately for that beautiful reason). Since I am blessed with a stable weight for as long as I remember, this benefit doesn’t seem to be a real one for me. Many kids in my classes wear trousers with an elastic waistband though and I can totally see why. 

A comfortable fit

The second one is that they offer a comfortable fit, not too tight, and that trousers with elastic waistbands are so much easier to wear and take off. Well, these are dresses, so the second argument doesn’t apply (but again: look at the many kids wearing such trousers). The comfortable fit is a benefit I can agree upon: the three dresses offer a very comfortable fit indeed.

Free movement

Thirdly, elastic waistbands allow free movement; hence my pyjamas and sports wear with an elastic waistband. So, although these dresses aren’t really apt for doing sports, I am sure you can see the positive point here too!

A nice fit and great shape

The fourth benefit is that elastic bands allow a nice fit which can make your body shape look slimmer and make the clothes look better on you. Now we’re talking! I absolutely agree with this one.

Are there just positive points regarding elastic waistbands then? From my own experience I can answer that question with a wholehearted “no”. You see, as a teacher I have discovered that these type of dresses tend to creep up (when I’m writing on the blackboard for example). That means that I am constantly pulling at them when teaching. But hey, Johan Cruyff, the most famous Dutch football player ever, already said: “Every advantage has got its disadvantage!”

I would love to know which of those 4 benefits does appeal most to you and what kind of elastic waistband clothes you wear at work or in your free time. Please share your thoughts here. I would love reading them!



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    1. Thanks Nancy. These dresses are actually all too warm for the tropical temperatures we are having at the moment…can you believe it?! Wishing you a very happy and sunny weekend too. Love, Lieske

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