What do you see?

Dress: H&M, Shoes: Vans, Sunglasses: Cerjo (all previous seasons). More photos here

If you follow me on instagram you are most probably interested in what you see on the photos. Yet……..what exactly do you see? Look at the above photo. Do you see a 40+ woman? A small woman? An English teacher? A woman who likes travelling?

The funny thing is that I post one photo and then there are so many different views, feelings, thoughts and so on people can have when looking at it. When you realise that there are always different perspectives, you will enable yourself to see situations from different angles and that has got some advantages. Let me explain in more detail!

The storyteller is always part of the story

I have recently read the novel “small great things” by Jodi Picoult and would like to quote a few sentences here:

It is remarkable how events and truths can be reshaped, like wax that’s sat too long in the sun. There is no such thing as a fact. There is only how you saw the fact, in a given moment. How you reported the fact. How your brain processed that fact. There is no extrication of the storyteller from the story.

I think that brings it to the point, doesn’t it? The fact that in fact, there isn’t such thing as a fact…because the storyteller is always part of the story.

I am sure that you use the above knowledge a lot in life. Just think about two pupils (or your children) having an argument. You will probably listen to both sides of the story and point out to them that there are indeed 2 sides of the same story, depending on the storyteller.

If it is about yourself, you might not see the two sides that easily, because you yourself are one of the storytellers! Have a look at the following examples:

  • You post a photo that you are extremely happy with and to your surprise it does not get the number of likes you think it deserves.
  • You buy a new dress and you are totally over the moon with it and the first time you wear it you aren’t hearing the compliments you expected to hear.
  • You have planned a lesson and are sure you have found the right mix of content, fun and activities and when giving this lesson your pupils do not seem to be highly entertained by it.

These aren’t disastrous things to happen. Still…you can probably easily imagine how these different views than yours can sometimes hurt your feelings. Imagine the same thing happening in more serious situations in life… In all cases, also when it’s about serious stuff, it really helps to remember that it comes down to different truths, different perspectives, different storytellers. Applying this knowledge in your life will make you a more flexible and understanding person and it will open opportunities that you might not have seen otherwise.

You decide what you see!

Let’s return to the question I asked at the beginning: What do you see?

Well, I think you know the answer. It is you who decides what you see. That means it is also you who can decide to change what you see!

I challenge you to look at situations from different perspectives, because I am convinced that this small change in looking at things will create huge and positive effects for you and  the ones that matter to you.

If you have interesting stories to share about this subject, please do so. I am sure there will be many and that we will enjoy reading them, will be entertained by them and will learn from them. Storytellers, please share your stories!



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  1. I like what you see Nancy, am blushing while typing. Have a happy weekend too. I have just spent 2 days in the Alsace, so my weekend has been really good so far! Love, Lieske

  2. I love that quote from Jodi Picout. I love all of her books and recently listened to a novel of hers on audible.com. What I first seen is a young lady wearing a very chic dress in a very cool setting. This woman appears to be about 30. She appears confident and lovely and like a friend I would like to know.
    It is very true that our experiences are so very subjective.

    1. Dear Elle. I also love her novels and have read many of them. Thanks for your lovely view on my photo. As for the friend I would like to know: likewise. Who knows? I like travelling…love, Lieske

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