Wild roses on a white background

Dress: H&M (new), Ballerinas: Clarys (previous season)

The weather over the last couple of weeks has been so sunny and warm that floral dresses seem to blossom almost as abundantly as the actual flowers do. I have happily participated in that blossoming by adding another floral dress to my wardrobe. I have bought one with flowers on a white background, so the numbers balance nicely again; 3 floral dresses with a white basis (see also here and here) and 3 with a black basis (here and here, plus a sneak peek of the third one here).

The powerful pink of the flowers adds some spice to both the white background and the simple shape of this summer dress. My pink ballerinas do the rest. Although the dress isn’t wrinkle-free, the wrinkles are absolutely OK here, making it a perfect dress for work as well as holidays.


I have realised I do have quite a lot of pink in my wardrobe. I have posted a red and pink outfit for Valentine’s Day here and the same soft and romantic jumper combined with an asymmetrical skirt here.  One of my other floral dresses has got some bold pink flowers and just last week I posted this daring red and pink outfit. So, time for me to look into more detail what the meaning of the colour pink is.

As always, opinions may differ, yet the following elements associated with the colour pink seem to be universally agreed upon.

It’s a colour associated with love, like red is too. Whereas red represents heat and passion,  pink represents romance and charm. Pink has got a calming effect and it’s also the colour of hope, which explains the pink ribbon in the fight against breast cancer. Last but not least is it the “official” colour for little girls and represents sugar and spice and everything nice.

Pink in sayings and such

As a language teacher, I also love to add how pink is used in the English language.

“in the pink” means healthy.

“to be tickled pink” means being happy, content.

“pink collar” refers to a female office worker, often not used that positively.

Shades of pink

Pink comes in many shades, although I do not think there are 50 shades of pink! Anyway, what do you think of the following list? Salmon, coral, peach, watermelon, strawberry, hot pink, blush, flesh, flush, fuchsia, taffy, bubblegum and rose.

I would be happy to learn more sayings with pink and/or more words for shades of pink, so please share your knowledge here!






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    1. Hey Nancy. I have learned quite a bit myself when writing this blogpost. Have a great weekend too! Love, Lieske

  1. Hey Lieske
    What about magenta, flamingo or the german word schweinchenrosa („pig pink“)? 😃
    Wish you a sunny weekend!

    1. Hey Nicole. I love the colour name “pig pink”, a nice alliteration plus a fun name too. I have checked and it does exist in English and even has got an official hex colour code! Wishing you an equally sunny weekend! Love, Lieske

  2. What a beautiful and feminine dress. You know I am such a fan of this style. I am happy to have learned some new things about my favorite color pink. I hope you are enjoying this wonderful week! I am tickled pink about this post.

    1. Dear Elle, glad to read you are tickled pink about my post and great that you have learned something! That does my teacher’s heart so much good❤ Have a wonderful week too. Love, Lieske

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