Red and pink is the new black and white

Jacket: Only, Top: H&M, Trousers: Tally Weijl , Bag: New Yorker, Ankle Boots: Blox, Sunnies: Cerjo (all previous seasons)

I copied the above statement from a Vogue article, quite an influential fashion magazine to say the least. A red and pink combo is totally in vogue this spring and summer season. When I read that statement I was happy that I already had a lovely top with these two colours in my wardrobe, bought last spring. This almost sounds like I am ahead of fashion trends, doesn’t it? I do not claim I am, although I must admit I like the fact that I did buy something red and pink before it became trendy.

Last year I stayed on the safe side with the top, just adding some red, as you can see on the first photo below and in this blogpost. This year I became a bit braver and bolder and added both red and pink. Since we were sight-seeing in Middelburg (Zeeland, The Netherlands) the day the photos were taken, I opted for my comfortable and practical blue ankle boots. You can imagine that my red low heel pumps would have pimped up the outfit even more.

In case you’d like to be even bolder than me and want to go all the way, have a look at the following instyle article. You can find some awesome head to toe red and pink outfits as an inspiration for a real red and pink combo!

How daring are you in combining red and pink?



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    1. Hi Nancy. I know you are very talented into combining many interesting colour combinations as well as creating awesome black & white outfits. It’s very inspirational. Thanks for the lovely comment on the bag. Love, Lieske

  1. Of course you are ahead. I would expect nothing less. I love your red bag and these outfit combinations. I must say also that you wear thinking black lace skirt beautifully. I really adore that soft pink shade of your jacket. It is dreamy and always be in style. Kudos to you for adding those bold stripes.
    I love red and pink together, and I also love redvand orange together. Your photography here is wonderful and I love the background, too !

    1. Dear Elle. Thanks for having so much confidence in my feelings for fashion😊😉 and yes, the red bag is a great find. I can combine it with so many outfits and it almost always works wonderfully. My jacket is another favourite for more or less the same reasons. Looking forward to seeing you style red and orange on your blog. Love, Lieske

    1. Dear Rebecca. Thanks for your compliment. I love how this outfit is both comfy and chic and just daring enough for me with the red and pink combo styled this way! Love, Lieske

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