Beauty and the beach

Dress: quinze heures trente, Jeans Jacket: Yes or No, Sunglasses: Cerjo (all previous seasons)  

This week a very summerly blogpost! I have spent a few days in Holland, this time not only enjoying family time, but real holidays too. The great thing about going on holidays to a place very familiar is that you can easily ignore the urge to see and do as much as possible. I like that type of short breaks too (as you can read here), but since I was totally in the mood for pure relaxing, a short holiday in Holland seemed like a good plan to me. And right I was.

We only had sunny days during our whole stay. It was a bit cold at first and then…. absolutely superb summer weather. We stayed in a cute cottage in Zeeland, at the edge of the dune forest. Every morning we woke up at the sound of chirping birds and deers often visited the garden at dusk. The cottage was so close to the dunes and the beach that we could either walk to the beach or take our bikes and cycle through the lovely dune forests to explore beaches further away. The beach and the sea always have so much to offer, even if the weather is less sunny. Strolls, reading, relaxing and swimming on warm and sunny days or long walks with hot chocolate and apple pie on cold and windy days…I just love the beauty of the beach, as my little photo diary shows you.

The first day was sunny though still a bit cold…

Shoes: Vans, Trousers: Jacqueline de Yong, Shirt: H&M, Jacket: Only, Sunglasses: Cerjo (all previous seasons)   

A stroll on the beach is always a good idea!

The next day was already much warmer, although I was happy that I brought my cropped jeans jacket with me to the beach because of the still somewhat cold wind. The tunica dress I’m wearing is very light, so perfect to throw in your bag for a day on the beach. It takes up no room at all and this one has got lots of thoughtful details, which makes it an original and easy wear.

Dress: quinze heures trente , Jeans Jacket: Yes or No, Sunglasses: Cerjo (all previous seasons)  

The sea isn’t just about beauty. It also forms a risk for this part of The Netherlands (a large part of the country lies below sea level). In 1953 there was a huge flood, costing 1836 people in Zeeland their lives. You can visit a museum (Watersnoodmuseum) to learn all about this awful February night, the rebuilding and the famous Delta Works.  The museum is located in four caissons that were used in 1953 to close the final gap in the dyke, which is very special and fascinating. Below you see a few of the names of the victims of that disastrous night.

The last couple of days we had real summer weather. You may recognise the outfit from two weeks ago (King’s Day post), when I told you how great it this skirt is for parties or more formal events. This is a beach version of the same skirt: just add a simple tanktop and you are all set for a stylish stroll!

Skirt and top: H&M, Sunglasses: Cerjo

How about you? What is your opinion on beach holidays?

Sunny love!


PS: Greetje of nofearoffashion asked for a photo with details of the tunica dress (see comments below). Here it is! I am sure you like the lace elements and the different patterns as much as I do!

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  1. Lieske,
    You look so beautiful in all of these photos. I love the outfits that you are wearin. They are breezy and perfect for vacation. I specially like the floral skirt at the end. How lovely to have a little holiday and a sweet cottage and be away from home for a bit.
    The shots of you on the dunes are spectacular. I love the lonely bird you captured.

    What a beautiful way to commemorate the victims of the floo, as sad and tragic as that was. Have a wonderful week and thank you for sharing this lovely bit of traveling with us.

    1. Dear Elle. I always love reading your comments. You always pay so much detail to details, not only in your comments to my blogposts, but also in your own ones and in your outfits. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and sending you lots of love. Lieske

  2. Ah Zeeland, where I was born (in Aardenburg, near the Belgian border). So glad I left that place when I was 6 haha. We moved to Hoek van Holland, a beach village. An improvement but not much. I am a city girl, preferably even Amsterdam. Villages are the pits for me. But they do have lovely beaches, I grant them that. Now I live in Haarlem and the sea at Zandvoort/Bloemendaal is very close. So all my life I have lived by the sea. Terrible thing: I am not particularly interested in beach and sea. Although in my youth it was great to get a tan.
    I think your outfits for your holiday by the sea are very elegant yet very appropriate as well. A shame you didn’t post a close-up of the tunica dress. Cannot see the details. Oh well. Important thing is you had bright sunshine and warm weather. You lucked out.

    1. Dear Greetje. I can imagine you’ve got a different view on Zeeland than I have. Living somewhere is different from visiting a place. I think you live in a beautiful part of The Netherlands now. I love Haarlem as a city to visit, very charming and lots of original and authentic shops and restaurants. The location (close to both the dunes and the beach and Amsterdam) is an additional bonus.
      As for the details of my tunica dress…I realise I should have asked my photographing daughter for a close-up shot too. We were having too much fun in and around the water to think straight I suppose! I will make it up by taking a shot myself and adding it to the post later this weekend.
      Love, Lieske

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