King’s Day outfit without orange

Skirt (new) and bag: H&M, Cardigan: Esprit, Top (new): Yes or No, Ankle Boots: Stravers Shoes, Sunnies: Cerjo

Today is King’s Day in Holland. It’s King Willem-Alexander’s birthday and a public holiday. Many people dress up in orange and in every village, town or city there are all kind of festivities: like parties, flea markets, fancy fairs, concerts…you name it. The King and his family always visit one big city to join the party there. This year they will be in Groningen, which is in the north, so Willem-Alexander will be “King in the North” today😉

Instead of posting a red-white-blue or orange outfit, I have chosen to show you a rather flamboyant and exotic skirt in a typical Dutch landscape. It feels like a Willem-Alexander & Maxima (his wife from Argentina) mix, so I consider it a perfect outfit for King’s Day!

The skirt is totally in fashion with colourful flowers on a black background. I love that combination, since I love flowers and the black background makes flowery skirts and dresses less girl-like. I have also got two dresses with flowers on a black background: a very short flower dress (more a tunica probably and only to be worn outside the classroom) and a pretty romantic one that is apt for school.

The pattern of this skirt is rather large and bold, which is very different from my normal choice of clothes; I tend to stick to more subtle patterns. In combination with the simple black top, versatile vest and the black accessories, including my favourite little black bag, it’s an outfit that I feel very happy with. It is feminine and super comfortable (if I’d opt for more practical black shoes that is).

I have worn this exact outfit to several parties as well as when giving presentations, because it is certainly stylish enough for those. I think it will be a great outfit for school too. Since I haven’t worn the skirt to school yet, I need to find out how bicycle friendly it is. I assume that with some clothes pegs I can tackle that challenge!

Back to King’s Day. When you are a fan of great street parties, I can advise you to visit  Amsterdam end of April one year. In the night of 26-27 April and on King’s Day itself the city of Amsterdam turns into one big open air party centre. It’s a unique ambiance and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What national event can you recommend tourists to visit? And, on a more personal note, what do you think of my (King’s Day) outfit?



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    1. Thanks for your compliments Nancy. The skirt has become a favourite of mine in a short period of time, and that for a print I thought was too bold for my taste. A girl is never too old to learn, right?! Love, Lieske

    1. Thanks Steffy. I had a lovely day yesterday, celebrating King’s Day in Zurich with other Dutchies. Big hugs back! Love, Lieske

    1. Hi Elle. It was a wonderful day when we took these photos and thanks for the compliments on the bold floral skirt. Great combination with the landscape indeed. Hope you have had a great weekend! Love, Lieske

    1. As a teacher I am good at guessing what is meant. As a person who types a lot I know all about spontaneous spelling changes. Love, Lieske

    1. Dear Jodie. I think so too. I have worn it to so many different occasions already and feel that I am very visible when doing so in a positive way. Have a great week! Love, Lieske

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