The importance of female friendships

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“Friends are like the pillars on your porch. Sometimes they hold you up, sometimes they lean on you and sometimes it is just enough to know they are there.” (unknown)

I am blessed with many female friends. Some I have known since my childhood years, some I have met during my study years and some have become my friends because their partners are my husband’s friends. I can even call many female family members real and close friends. I have also actively worked on making new friends in Switzerland, so yeah, over the years this has resulted in quite a number of female friends.

Why are female friendships so important to me? Why are female friendships so important to women in general?

Fun factor

The list of reasons why you should invest in female friendships is quite impressive. I mean, we all know from experience that you just talk and laugh about different topics among women than with men present. That can be reason enough to have female friends. The same goes for shopping, visiting certain exhibitions or enjoying a city trip. Some of these activities are just more fun when you share them with other women. And what about having a great evening out on the dance floor? Girls, here we go!

Strong support

Apart from the fun factor of female friendships, there is the support factor. Those of you with children will recognise that it just feels great to ask advice or discuss child rearing with other mothers. A strong network of female friends can also be a big help when you are dealing with strong emotional issues, such as a divorce or the death of a loved one. I imagine all of you will have some experience in that area too.

A happy life

If you choose your friends wisely they will encourage a positive attitude and help you be more optimistic. After having done some research, I have found another good reason to nourish and cherish your female friendships. They are good for your health. I know quite some women who do sports together to keep each other company and to keep each other motivated. Apparently, female friendships can also help reduce stress and tension because the connection between women increases the release of oxytocin, the feel-good or cuddle hormone !

So ladies, embrace your female friends, enjoy their company, be there for them and thank them for being there for you. Keep your female friendships alive and kicking for as a long as you live!

A big hug and thank you to all my female friends for being just that: my friends. For being there for me when I want to share the fun and when I need the support!




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  1. I’ve never been a girlfriend kind a girl. I had a few since ten years but due to my disease I find friendships a lot more difficult. I have two fantastic girlfriends now and I have them deep in my heart. Have a great weekend Lieske!

    1. Hi Nancy. I am so happy for you that you have got your two fantastic girlfriends. I am sure they add fun, support and positivity to your life. Love, Lieske

  2. Like you I have many female girlfriends, also some from when I was 16 or 21, some new, many gained during my professional career. And I cherish them all. I call them “salt of the earth”. What always amazes me is the fact that a new friend is really added, she doesn’t take any live away from other friends. Your heart is that big.

    1. Dear Greetje. I know you have got many friends. I always enjoy your blogposts about activities you have done with them. I absolutely agree with your observation that new friends add more to your life without taking away any love for others. That’s very beautiful, isn’t it? Love, Lieske

  3. Blij met al mijn vriendinnen die ieder op hun eigen wijze meerwaarde geven aan mijn leven. De dynamiek in het contact met een groep vriendinnen is weer heel anders dan de vriendschap met die éne vriendin, maar allebei zo waardevol!
    Herkenbaar wat je schrijft. Zo ervaar ik het ook.



    1. Dear Codrut. That quote is new to me and I like it a lot. Cement makes me think of building and that is what you do with friendships: you start with the fundaments and then you continue building on them. Sometimes you may need to renovate or expand and so your friendship grows and develops over the years. Thanks for sharing this quote! Love, Lieske

  4. Yes to oxytocin and the healing power of supportive friendships!
    Love your outfit today, is is so lovely, as are you, my friend!
    We need to remember that connections matter, the ones in real life and online too, but only when a meaningful conversations are exchanged.
    Lovely post!

    1. Dear Elle. Thanks for the positive feedback and the many meaningful conversations we have online. I agree that connections matter, both online and in real life. Love, Lieske

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