3 tips for awesome outfits when travelling

Trousers: Tally Weijl (this season), Cardigan: Esprit, Top: H&M, Ankle Boots: Stravers (previous seasons)

When you are reading this I will be travelling to Holland (or maybe already be there); enjoying time with family and friends for the long Easter Weekend. You will understand that I have packed quite some Swiss chocolate for this specific trip. The chocolate is not standard for my journeys, but I do have some other standards I stick to when travelling. I always have the following 3 considerations in mind when choosing my outfits for a trip:

Are my clothes comfortable?

Are they wrinkle-friendly?

Can I create several outfits using a few pieces?

The third consideration is especially valid when I travel light (hand luggage only), but even if I travel by car or go away for a longer period, I tend to stick to all of these three self-imposed rules.

Today’s outfit is a good example of a perfect travelling outfit. My burgundy trousers are made of soft and stretch material, which makes them very comfortable to wear. The top is super wrinkle-friendly, as is the black cardigan. The layering makes the outfit comfortable warmth-wise, good in case temperatures vary (which is often the case when flying). Packing a matching dressskirttop and jumper will enlarge my choice of outfits enormously.

For the journey itself I will put on a pair of nude ballerinas or comfortable black shoes in stead of the shown ankle boots. They are best to take with me in a suitcase! I will also make sure to have a scarf at hand; great to protect my throat in case of a too strong climate control and cosy and warm if I want to doze off…

How about you? Are you travelling this weekend as well? I would love to read where you’re going and what your criteria are for picking and packing your outfits for a short trip.



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    1. Dear Nancy. I had a great weekend with my family in Holland including some yummy chocolate. I hope your weekend was as happy as mine! Love, Lieske

  1. Dear Lieske,
    I really love your traveling outfit. You pull off this look as beautifully as a college girl. I totally agree with you about packing lightly and choosing clothes that are wrinkle free. I really hope you are currently enjoying your travels.
    Happy Easter,

    1. Dear Elle. How right you are about the college girl: I am standing at the door of a very prestigious university for this blogpost… Love, Lieske

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