A smart start

Dress & Top: H&M, Shoes: Moda di Fausto (all previous seasons)

Forget all your New Year’s Resolutions: spring is the perfect time for new beginnings. Trees are starting to blossom, you can hear the birds singing, yummy chocolate eggs can be bought again and and the sun is rising earlier every morning. So, time for a fresh beginning indeed. I have chosen to look very smart at the start of spring. It’s a dress I like best with a pair of high heels, so I only wear it outside the classroom. It would also be too much of a challenge to cycle to school in this one…

I have combined it with a warm white top. It’s warm in two ways: a warm colour white and some pretty warm material, so perfect for the lower temperatures we are having just now. I love wearing jumpers and tops that protect my throat, since my voice is what I need to do my job. Classy and chic as the dress is, it has got a hidden casual detail: pockets!

These hardly visible pockets are great for colder days since I can even keep my hands warm when doing my rounds during the break. For a fresh start it is probably wiser to keep them out of my pockets. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger pointed out: ”Just remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.”

SMART goals

I don’t know if you have planned to climb the ladder of success this year, but why not take this fresh beginning of the spring season as an opportunity to start something new or to change ‘old’ habits. When you are planning just that, you will love my smart dress even more. Why so?

Well, SMART is an easy to remember word that you should consider when deciding what it is you want to change. When you set goals for yourself, make sure your goals meet the SMART-criteria. Your goals should be:

Specific (write down what it is precisely that you want to change, want to achieve)

Measurable (make sure you can measure your goals, your results)

Achievable (goals should be ambitious, sure, but also do-able, achievable)

Right for you (it should be what you want to achieve, not your partner, boss or…)

Time-bound (set a time for yourself when you want to have reached your goals)

So, why not take a few minutes and think about what you’d like to change or reach, write it down the smart way, take positive action and make your dreams come true!



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    1. Hey Nancy. Yeah, setting SMART goals is widely used in business, simply because it works so well. It works equally well for personal goals and can really make the difference between dreams and reality! Thanks for your compliment regarding the smart dress. Happy weekend to you too. Lieske

    1. Thanks Elle. I am very happy with this dress and incredibly proud of the training I co-developped. Love, Lieske

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