Dot dot dot is hot…

Dress: H&M

Dotted dresses are always a good idea and this spring season they are even one of the many fashion trends. (see this Funky Forty post for 5 more spring trends) Great, since I absolutely love polka dot dresses. I have got a black & white one with romantic ruffles and an olive green one with bell sleeves. Both dresses can be styled into casual or formal wear and anything in between. I can also wear both dresses nearly all year long. I am sure you see why I love them…

Dress: H&M (previous season)

Back to the dots; did you know that the formal name for dot, dot, dot is ellipsis? In informal communication the ellipsis gets used more and more. The full stop at the end of a sentence on the other hand, gets used less and less. I’ve even read somewhere that putting a full stop at the end of a message is considered aggressive, insincere or awkward. Oops! That means I may have offended many people without knowing so on Instagram…

A full stop in informal communication also tends to send out the message that the conversation is over, whereas the dot, dot, dot invites the other person to react.

I think we can conclude that punctuation is as much subject to fashion as bell sleeves, ruffles, florals or…

As a teacher I teach my pupils to use punctuation and I always explain the difference between formal and informal communication. If you wonder why I think punctuation still matters, even though we all get less and less strict about it, then keep on reading. The following example is quite convincing…

“A woman without her man is nothing”

Without punctuation, this sentence is meaningless and hard to understand. Have a look what a bit of punctuation does here:

“A woman, without her man, is nothing.”

“A woman: without her, man is nothing.”

Punctuation is powerful. It changes the meaning of a sentence in many ways, even if the words are the same.

All in all it seems to me that we are very much into dots at the moment, both in fashion and in punctuation. How do you feel about these two dots-trends and which of my two polka dot dresses do you like best? Please share…





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  1. Haha, great example! But what a beautiful backdrop. Wow. Have you seen that here in the Netherlands it will be so cold this weekend that we break a record since 46 years? Awfull! Polka dots are so feminine, I love to wear them too!

    1. Hi Nancy. Wishing you good luck with the upcoming cold! Spring may seem far away, but it’s coming and then you can pull out all your polka dot dresses too. Looking forward to seeing photos of them on your blog or insta…

  2. Dearest Lieske,
    I am also a fan of the polkadotted dress. I find them particularly classic even though the ones you are wearing has the fun update with the sleeve treatment, and fun ruffles on the other. I also love the backdrop and the way you are posed with the strong shadows adding some drama to the composition. The dresses, Sigh, I love them both !

    1. Dear Elle. Thanks for your compliments. I will tell my son how much you like the composition with the strong shadows.Love, Lieske

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