An asymmetrical skirt with the perfect lenght

Skirt: H&M

I bought this asymmetrical skirt on sale. One advantage of having a size that isn’t too common is that I often can find great pieces for great prices.

This skirt is perfect for me: short at the front (great for petites), longer at the back (safe length for in the classroom) and a pretty easy shape for cycling too. The asymmetry gives the skirt a playful touch, as do the frayed ruffles. The colour scheme makes styling both easy and versatile and the golden thread adds a bit of sparkle and glamour. For this occasion I have combined it with my soft, pastel pink jumper.

Skirt: H&M, Jumper: Tally Weijl, Ankle boots: Cinderella (boots are golden oldies)

Size matters

You will know by now that size matters to me. I always strive at finding a balance in my choice of skirts and dresses so that they fit my figure, style and job. That way my wardrobe is one that Michelle Tyler would call a wardrobe for life: one that lasts more than just a season and is full of clothes that can be worn on many occasions.

Size also matters in another way in my life. Being as as small as I am can be quite challenging now and then. Being small has got some great advantages too, like finding great pieces for great prices. If you want to read more reasons why I think small is great, I invite you to read this blogpost with my personal top 10!

What is your way of creating a wardrobe for life?




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    1. Thanks Nancy. I remember you showing a skirt like this a few weeks back. Pink as well, just a different shade of it. Happy weekend to you!

  1. I love this skirt for the very same reasons you too. I love the rich fabric and the asymmetrical ruffles. I also like a skirt that is a little bit longer in the back for modesty reasons.
    Such a pretty sweater, the color is so soft and the style has an earthy boho vibe.

    1. Dear Elle. Yeah, you are right about the boho vibe. It’s probably mainly because of the fabrics. The weather has turned pretty winterly again here, so I can probably wear this outfit a bit longer than I would have liked-even though I love the outfit, I am actually ready for more real spring clothes…Love, Lieske

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