An asymmetrical skirt with the perfect lenght

Skirt: H&M

I bought this asymmetrical skirt on sale. One advantage of having a size that isn’t too common is that I often can find great pieces for great prices.

This skirt is perfect for me: short at the front (great for petites), longer at the back (safe length for in the classroom) and a pretty easy shape for cycling too. The asymmetry gives the skirt a playful touch, as do the frayed ruffles. The colour scheme makes styling both easy and versatile and the golden thread adds a bit of sparkle and glamour. For this occasion I have combined it with my soft, pastel pink jumper.

Skirt: H&M, Jumper: Tally Weijl, Ankle boots: Cinderella (boots are golden oldies)

Size matters

You will know by now that size matters to me. I always strive at finding a balance in my choice of skirts and dresses so that they fit my figure, style and job. That way my wardrobe is one that Michelle Tyler would call a wardrobe for life: one that lasts more than just a season and is full of clothes that can be worn on many occasions.

Size also matters in another way in my life. Being as as small as I am can be quite challenging now and then. Being small has got some great advantages too, likeĀ finding great pieces for great prices. If you want to read more reasons why I think small is great, I invite you to read thisĀ blogpost with my personal top 10!

What is your way of creating a wardrobe for life?




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    1. Thanks Nancy. I remember you showing a skirt like this a few weeks back. Pink as well, just a different shade of it. Happy weekend to you!

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