10 reasons why it is great to be small

Holland is known for its tall population and I am approximately 15 centimetres smaller than the average Dutch woman… However, in stead of focussing on the challenges of being small, I’d rather look at the positive side of being small. I know that being tall is practical on many occasions, but so is small! Have a look at my personal list of ten reasons, in random order, why being small is both positive and practical. Enjoy!

  1. You have got more than enough room for your legs in planes, cinemas and theaters.
  2. If you are at an open air, it is just so easy to ask to sit on someone’s shoulders. They will understand why and after seizing you up, every male person will be convinced he can handle having you on his shoulder for a couple of hours. Best seat in the house for you.
  3. Your length forces you to develop other qualities to make people notice you.
  4. You can buy clothes designed for kids with the appealing price tag they come with.
  5. You will easily find people to help you carry stuff and although I am a huge fan of emancipation I just love it when a man opens the car door for me (and more romantic stuff like that), so yes, my size is a big bonus in this field.
  6. You can walk through every door there is without minding your head.
  7. You can easily squeeze yourself through a crowd to get the best possible place, because everyone will understand you really need to have a place up front.
  8. You can put many more clothes in a suitcase or wardrobe than your taller friends.
  9. You can sleep in every bed in every country, since they will always, always be big and long enough for you.
  10. When having kids or working with them, being small is just great. You are so easily and effortlessly on the same height as they are, which is great for them, for you and for your back and knees.

I like my list of reasons why small is great. How about you? What is it about your body that you can look at from two different sides? And what does the positive side look like for you? I am looking forward to reading your stories!



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