Fake fur bear wear

Trousers: Jacqueline de Yong, Top & Vest: H&M, Boots: Graceland, Bag: Maddison (all previous seasons)

The Rock of Gibraltar has got its apes, the Tower of London has got its black ravens and the city of Bern has got its brown bears. For a day trip to Bern I choose to wear a fake fur vest and warm fake furry boots. I felt I was totally in style with the city of bears. Both my vest and my boots were bought at the children’s department, so the prices were accordingly small. That also matched my visit to Bern perfectly. Bern is the capital of Switzerland (I am leaning against the Federal Palace here) and at the same time a very small and charming place. Both my outfit and the city prove that small can be great too!

Bears and Bern

Why bears for Bern? Well, there are quite a few legends that have to do with killing or hunting bears by brave men in or around Bern. There is another possible explanation for the origin of the city’s name though, which is a bear-free version. Bern could vey well be named after Verona (yes, the city of Shakespeare’s romantic and dramatic Romeo and Juliet), because the Middle High German name of Verona was pronounced “Bern”.

Small is great!

Being an English teacher, that is my favourite version by far of course! To stay in style with Shakespeare, let’s say the following about Bern:

“And though she be but little, she is fierce”

More about small on the blog next week. I will list 10 reasons why I think being small is great!



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