Shades of pink for Valentine’s day

Trousers and jumper: Tally Weijl (both new), Shoes: Moda di Fausto(previous season)

Shades of pink for Valentine’s day! I am so happy with my burgundy dress that I thought it a good idea to buy a pair of trousers in the same colour. Combined with a soft pink jumper and my nude ballerinas I create a comfortable outfit for in the classroom and a romantic one for Valentine’s Day. The jumper has got some lovely details, such as the beautiful (but rather long) bell sleeves and the super cute lace-up detail at neckline. Talking about details: they can have a huge impact, both in outfits and in communication, right? When you’re interested in reading more about the difference details can make in communication, I invite you to read my posts about ‘not‘, ‘but‘ and ‘yet‘. Small words, a little detail, and a huge impact.

Well, being a language teacher and with Valentine’s Day on the agenda soon, I’d like to tell you something about love languages. Details can make a huge difference there as well!

The 5 love languages

Have you already made up your mind how to spoil your loved one(s) on Valentine’s Day? There are many different ways to show your love and thus also many different ways of feeling loved.

Imagine two persons, each being able to speak only one language, like French and Japanese for example. If one of them tells the other in his or her language “I love you”, the chances of getting the message across are pretty low. That can be rather frustrating of course. For a higher succes rate you’d better start learning the other person’s language!

In his book, The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman explains that we all have one or two preferred love languages to express and feel love. The 5 love languages are: receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch. It can also be that you talk in a different love language than your partner or your children. That way they may not feel how much you love them and vice versa. Knowing other people’s love language can be quite revealing and can have a huge,  positive impact. If you’d like to discover your love language or the one of your child, you can do so here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!





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  1. That sweater is very pretty and the bag is awesome. Such a statement piece.
    As for the love languages, I use them all. I am good 😎.
    Will pop over to your post about not, yet, but. There are many things I still have to learn about the English language.

    1. Dear Greetje. I love the bag a lot as well. Such great colours and practical size. I can imagine you are good at using love languages, but I am also sure you will some use more than others…..Love, Lieske

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