A scarf to style a sweater and to protect my voice

Trousers: H&M,  Jumper (new): Tally Weijl, Scarf: Vögele, Boots: Piure 

Temperatures have dropped, soft and white snow has fallen (see here). It’s winter wonderland in the mountains in Switzerland: time for cosy and warm jumpers.

As soon as I saw this blue jumper I fell in love with it. It’s very soft, a perfect fit for petites and the curved hem reminds me of tulips. Combined with a pair of camel coloured trousers and a matching scarf I create a comfortable and classy outfit for in the classroom. An additional benefit of the scarf is that it also protects my voice.

Protect your voice

Since my voice is very important in my work as a teacher, I make sure to protect and treat my throat really well during the winter months. I have got a large collection of scarves to combine with my outfits in class when my throat asks for some extra warmth and care.

Four more tips to protect your voice:

  • Drink enough water to keep your vocal cords hydrated. Drinking enough water is healthy anyway, so a perfect starting point I’d say.
  • Give your voice a time out now and then (I love the term “vocal nap”) by varying your lessons. That way you do not only protect your voice, you also make sure your lesson is an inviting and interesting one for your pupils. You can imagine that as a foreign language teacher I tend to speak a lot, so it’s really good for me to plan enough quiet work time and group assignments in my lessons as well.
  • Use non-vocal cues to gain your pupils’ attention, like clapping (my favourite one), raising your hand or ringing a bell. Many of my colleagues use these cues. Some of them have got really cool clapping rhythms to get their pupils’ attention. It’s good for your voice and the kids get some movement by joining in. That in turn is good for them and for their learning process.
  • Dry air is also pretty bad for your voice, so using a humidifier in your home is a good idea, especially in the winter months. It’s better for your skin as well, so another tip that works for more than just your voice.

These effective tips for protecting your voice are easy to implement in your daily life. When you’d like to read more tips about styling a sweater, I can recommend this  blogpost from FunkyForty. Adding a scarf to your sweater is one of her 7 tips.

Have you got some more tips to either protect your voice or style a sweater? I’d love to read them.



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    1. Dear Yvonne. I really like so many of your blogposts and thought this one of yours was so apt to this one of mine, that I gladly share it with others. Love, Lieske

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