3 excellent reasons why a mini break is good for you

Looking back at some amazing trips of 2017!

You will have noticed over the months that I am a huge fan of travelling. Being a teacher I have got plenty of holidays to do this. Going away means a change of place and Seneca already said: “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” Today I share some photos of my 2017 travels with you and I provide you with 3 excellent reasons to go away yourself!


“Rome wasn’t built in a day” so I have taken my time to visit this beautiful city and made sure to come back again by throwing my coin in the Trevi Fountain.


Munich was luminous. A radiant, blue-silk sky stretched out over the festive squares and white-columned temples, the neoclassical monuments and baroque churches…surrounded by green…” Thomas Mann.


London, how could one ever be tired of it?” Margaret Drabble.


“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times” Asian proverb.

Visiting Berlin makes you very aware of the history of WWII and the cold war that followed. An impressive visit!


“To travel is to live” H.C. Andersen. He is buried on the Assistens Cemetery, one of the most interesting cemeteries I have ever visited. It’s a place where people come to chill and relax amidst the graves and that is the way the city wants the place to be used (see second sign below).

Why mini breaks are a good idea

I know that not everyone can go away on longer trips as much as I can, but taking a short break now and then is probably possible and it’s very good for you. Why so? Well, since all good things come in threes, I will list 3 excellent reasons for you:

1. You get a mental boost by just planning a break

You are already escaping your daily routine by planning your trip. It is part of the fun and the planning will involve some short time goals. The great thing is that you can look back on having completed these goals after your break, giving yourself a mental boost. Makes sense, doesn’t it. And will do you good, won’t it?

2. The break feels longer than it really is

Although you will be away for only a few days, you will probably fill these days with plenty of activities. Your jam-packed short break will feel much longer than it really was and you will come home with plenty of new impressions and happy memories that you can cherish for a long time. That sounds very appealing, doesn’t it?

3. You get more creative and productive

If you are able to switch off from work, you will all of the sudden get more creative ideas as when you are dealing with your daily routine. You also recharge yourself and that will most probably make you more productive as well; two additional big bonuses of a short break, don’t you think so too?

Three perfect reasons to take a mini break and an easy way to sell it to your boss or partner I’d say.

I hope to have inspired you to plan one in the near future. My next mini break will probably be to Holland to visit family and friends.

Where do you plan to go next for your (mini) break?



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    1. Oh, do so Yvonne. It’s a great city to visit with lots of culture and shops, many green parks, superb castles and palaces and of course the sea and many charming harbours. Love, Lieske

    1. Hi Myrra. I am sure you are going to see lots of new places in 2018. I have seen on your blog how much you have done and seen in 2017. Amazing! Enjoy your new adventures. So will I. Morocco will pop up here soon enough. Happy travelling. Love, Lieske

  1. I so agree with you about the benefits of travel. It is so stimulating to see other places and it changes your mindset, even if just for a bit. I love your outfits in Copenhagen and Berlin. I wish I could go back to Rome soon and really enjoyed this post.

    Also my daughter is touring Europe as we speak. I am enjoying following her through Instagram I can live Vicariously through that. Yay! Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful photographs!

    1. Dear Elle. I read on your blog about your daughter travelling. She is so right and it’s great that you can enjoy her trip from the virtual sideline. Have a great week and thanks for your enthusiastic comment! Love, Lieske

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